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This is a template you can copy/paste into your CG job to make things easier for staff and quicker for your approval.

Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Gaoler of Ialdabaoth
Path Attribute Dot: +1 Composure
Order Rote Specs: Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine 
Starting Arcana: Death 3, Spirit 2, Matter 1
Starting Rotes: 

Saved 6 merit points to raise Gnosis from 1 to 3
Dropped Wisdom to 6

Starting XP: 50 + 5 (Wisdom loss) = 55

+xp/award YOURNAME=55:Starting XP + Wisdom Loss
sheet/set YOURNAME/Path=Moros
sheet/set YOURNAME/Order=Adamantine Arrow
sheet/set YOURNAME/cabal=Cabal Name Here (if you're starting with one)
sheet/set YOURNAME/Legacy=Gaolers of Ialdabaoth
sheet/set YOURNAME/Attribute=Composure:5
sheet/set YOURNAME/merit=status:1/order name 
sheet/set YOURNAME/merit=high speech:1
sheet/set YOURNAME/specialty=Athletics:Rote
sheet/set YOURNAME/specialty=Intimidation:Rote
sheet/set YOURNAME/specialty=Medicine:Rote
sheet/set YOURNAME/arcana=Death:3
sheet/set YOURNAME/arcana=Spirit:2
sheet/set YOURNAME/arcana=Matter:1
sheet/set YOURNAME/Gnosis=3
sheet/set YOURNAME/Wisdom=6
sheet/set YOURNAME/rote=Spell Name:#/Stat+Stat+Arcana - MtA ###
sheet/set YOURNAME/rote=Spell Name:#/Stat+Stat+Arcana - MtA ###
sheet/set YOURNAME/rote=Spell Name:#/Stat+Stat+Arcana - MtA ###

To explain: The first bit is just a list of things that apply to the character. Change as needed. Then note if you saved merit points to raise power stat. Please note what XP you're getting, even if it's just the starting XP of 50.

The last part that may look confusing, this is just a thing that staff can copy/paste to set everything you listed up top. The first line, change the name, the XP total, and add/delete any XP sources. (Wiki, motley, local, etc)

+xp/award YOURNAME=50:Starting XP This will give YOURNAME 50xp and note that it's from Starting XP

The next lines actually set things on your sheet. Just alter the name then change it to suit your sphere. Seeming for Clan or Path, etc. If it's a single word with no value (Such as Seeming is Beast) then just do

sheet/set YOURNAME/seeming=Beast

If it has a value, but isn't a pool like Wyrd/Gnosis/Humanity/etc, you do the TYPE of stat, name of the stat, then the NEW value after the : not how much you're raising it. This works for sphere powers, attributes, etc.

sheet/set YOURNAME/contract=Stone:2 will set Stone to 2 on YOURNAME's sheet
sheet/set YOURNAME/Discipline=Celerity:3 will set Celerity to 2 on YOURNAME's sheet.

If it has a value and IS a pool, then you do the name of the stat then the value.

sheet/set YOURNAME/Wyrd=3 This will set Wyrd to 3 on YOURNAME's sheet
sheet/set YOURNAME/Gnosis=5 This will set Gnosis to 5 on YOURNAME's sheet.

If you're setting a specialty, it's a little different. The type of stat is specialty, but the value is the name of the specialty. So to set a specialty of Archery on Athletics, you'd type:

sheet/set YOURNAME/specialty=Athletics:Archery

Maybe you're trying to set a merit or two? Syntax changes again, but never fear, merits are largely the same when done via command no matter your sphere. Note that anything following the slash is a comment on the merit itself and should be used to denote descriptors for merits such as Contacts, Allies, and similar merits. The number indicates the level of the merit you have. Syntax is provided here:

sheet/set YOURNAME/merit=Contacts:1/The Name of Your Contact Here

But hey, maybe you're a mage, and you're an Order mage so you have fancy rotes! Never fear, rotes are simple. Include the spell name, not the rote's name, and the spell's level within its arcana and make sure that your comment includes the rote's relevant roll combined with a dash with an acronym to the rote's origin book and its page number:

sheet/set YOURNAME/rote=Spell Name:#/Stat+Stat+Arcana - MtA ###

Remember that each change to your sheet that requires Experience Points to be spent should have a matching command for this expenditure. We use graduated costs here so that even if a merit does not have dots at a level, you still have to pay for those dots. For example, if a Merit only has a 5 dot version (Mind Reading for example) it does not cost 10xp (5 dots x 2xp), it costs 30xp ((1 dot x 2xp = 2) + (2 dots x 2xp = 4) + (3 dots x 2xp = 6) + (4 dots x 2xp = 8) + (5 dots x 2xp = 10)). The Syntax for XP spends is:

+xp/spend YOURNAME=<amount>:<Reason>

So for the above example it would be:

+xp/spend YOURNAME=30:Mind Reading 0>5

Note: Status is earned here, not purchased. You cannot take higher status' with XP.

For XP Cost information see XP Chart