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Staff doing Changing Breeds apps:

Changing Breeds:

Alright, when doing Changing Breeds apps you can go here:

That will show you what each Species falls under Breed wise. Under their species they have lists of what they get for free with their chosen Species.

For an example: The Colony get the following for free:

Favors: (Are in Blue)
Fang and Claw (1L Bite)
Fang and Claw (1L Claw)

Aspects: (Are in Teal)
Nine Lives
Twisted Tongue
Warrior's Restoration

Changing Breeds get a free specialty based on their Accord:

Den-Warder: Skill Specialties: Empathy, Medicine, Survival
Heart-Ripper: Skill Specialties: Brawl, Intimidation, Subterfuge
Root-Weaver: Skill Specialties: Academics, Crafts, Science
Sun-Chaser: Skill Specialties: Athletics, Expression, Socialize
Wind-Dancer: Skill Specialties: Investigation, Occult, Stealth


+species/add <name>=<species>:Human,War,Beast (The species list referenced at the top will show you the forms they get. If they buy Hybrid Forms they get additional ones.)


sheet/set <name>/breed=Bastet
sheet/set <name>/accord=Heart-Ripper
sheet/set <name>/favor=Fang and Claw:1/1L Bite <innate>
sheet/set <name>/aspect=Nine Lives:5
sheet/set <name>/feral=# (Feral-Heart is the Powerstat for Changing Breeds)

Respect: It’s set as Renown

Cleverness (Root-Weaver)
Ferocity (Heart-Ripper)
Insight (Wind-Dancer)
Loyalty (Den-Warder)
Passion (Sun-Chaser)

sheet/set <name>/renown=Loyalty:3


They can start with these. If they have one please poke myself or Lunargent to look over it and approve it first.