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Taeng Theeravit

Full Name: Taeng 'Coco' Theeravit
Birthdate: August 18, 1998
Apparent Age: Early 20’s?
Occupation: Stripper
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Vanity

Race: Changing Breed
Breed: Bastet/The Colony
Accord: Heart-ripper / Bloodeyes
Species: Siamese Cat


Natalie – Walk off the Earth ft. KRNFX
Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
Kicks - Barns Courtney
L.A. Devotee - Panic! At the Disco
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene - Hozier
Lime Habit - POLICA

Comatose, Holy Ghost, again and again...

Taeng is an enabler---she is the little fallen angel on your shoulder, whispering that you should totally eat that sandwich out of the garbage, then text your ex boyfriend that you love him and turn off your phone. She is the friend that encourages you to sleep with that hot bartender and then is nowhere to be found when it turns out he likes to wear a Winnie the Pooh outfit during sex and has the hep. She absolutely encouraged you to get that tattoo and then laughed her ass off when it was spelled incorrectly because you were too drunk to use spell-check or words. She absolutely will never admit that she has done anything wrong in her life, ever.

On your back, Cadillac, drinkin' till I'm dead...

So I say do it! Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!. – Taeng is the worst kind of enabler. She doesn’t care if your poison is booze, drugs, sex or Winnie the Pooh porn. She’ll encourage you all the way to the precinct and then laugh at you from the other side of the bars. She’s not going to judge you. She’s just going to laugh.
Striptease – What kind of a person takes their clothes off for a living? The kind that is a compulsive...something. and can’t seem to shake the interest in having her nose in everyone else's business.
We are beasts, and this is our consolation. – Feral---love them or think they are weird animal ridden people (hey werewolves, here's my OnlyFans!), you have to admit that they are definitely a thing. That exists. Animal rights activism with weird hippie earth mother rage? Y e s.
Cat got your tongue... - Cats are the worst, my dude. Legitimate demons. Taeng is just as likely to pet your hair and bring you your cellphone charger as she is to steal your boyfriend and put glitter in your bed for fun.
If blood and bones are what you want... - Taeng is a pretty kitty, but at what cost? Those in the know would call her a Heart-Ripper; violence, manipulation, intimidation and cruelty are tools in her repertoire (and the worst part is that she's too much of a cat for it to even feel malicious---you just don't /matter/ to her) that see a good deal of use, and whether she plays the serial-killer or the femme fatale in your personal film noir really depends on your tastes.
Party Goblin. - Do you know what's more fun than doing coke off of someone's collar bone, drinking an entire bottle of wine, eating 12 tacos and fucking someone on a birthday cake? Finding someone who has done all of that and then sending pictures of their activities to their mom.
Time for Thai food... – Taeng is from Thailand (fun fact, her name means 'melon', isn't that cute???), and was actually born there, although she immigrated when she was about ten. To her credit, she did her very best to remove all traces of anything that could even charitably be called an accent, so you wouldn't necessarily know it, but she cooks amazing home made Thai food, and when she angry-texts she sometimes puts numbers in with the letters (it's a joke).
Purrfect grammar... - Despite the fact that Taeng presents herself as a hot mess and definitely does not have a profession that suggests intellectualism, she is fluent in four languages with aspirations toward adding Cantonese to her repertoire. With English, Thai, Malay and Pak Tai already under her belt...look out Cantonese.


The (Un)usual Suspects

Partners in Crime

Fang - "Mercury must be in gatorade or some shit, because you're being a bit 'ol b-word. But also, สังเกตฉัน!"
Nicholas - "V-v-v-vibe check, babe. ขี่หรือตายที่รัก."


Saparra - "Kitty cat, kitty cat purr. พื้นที่อันตราย."
Calhoun - "Someone needs to pizza and chill. อารมณ์ไม่ดี."




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