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Stacey Saunders
Name: Stacey Saunders
Class: Mortal
Birthplace: Chicago
Birthday: 3 Feb 1995
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Status: Single
Notable Stats

Striking Looks • (Hollywood Glamour)
Seductive Grace •••


Stacey came to Fallcoast from L.A., after her attempts at breaking into show business failed. That's about the sum of what seems to be known about the young woman. There are hints that her career as a starlet failed due to something rather more dramatic than lack of talent or opportunity, and her life before that seems to have been anything but stable, either. But she does not talk much about that, and she can be quite secretive and even stealthy for a girl with her looks. She came to town in the company of Persephone Adams , who seems to have moved on a while ago and left her behind.

RP Hooks
  • Misfortune: Stacey bears a curse. Bad luck seems to dog her, limiting her success. She brings out the worst in some people, and often ends up in sticky situations--although she also tends to get back out of them again. If you want Stacey to be your victim, let me know! You stand a very good chance of getting away with it ;)
  • Failed Starlet: Strangely, not everyone who moved in the same circles as her in L.A. remembers her. But perhaps you do. Or you just want some reflected glamour from her tales of the city of dreams.
  • Clubbing: Stacey may have missed her shot at fame and show business, but she still has a taste for the glamorous life, and any night out that gives her the illusion of being part of the fabulous people is a good night in her book.
Stacey rarely finds herself permanently employed, instead juggling several part-time occupations:
  • Maid?: She has formed a close relationship with former fellow-stripper Jessica and now seems to fulfill some ill-defined duties at her B&B.
  • Petty Crime: While trying to avoid larger entanglements with organized crime, Stacey nonetheless has a certain turn toward larceny, and is not above making a little money on the side, picking pockets or arranging for the disposal of evidence.
  • Other: If you need a quick menial job done, anything that's not too dangerous or exhausting, Stacey's at least willing to listen.

The short hair, bright platinum blonde and carefully combed, gives this young woman a faintly tomboyish look at first glance. But that impression does not last long. Her soft features and green eyes have an almost classical beauty to them, something out of some black and white movie. Generous curves dispel any doubts that might remain about her femininity. And when she moves, whether trying to avoid attention or to openly draw it toward her, there's something fluid and graceful about her motions, as if she were constantly aware of her body's poise.

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