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“A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.”

– Groucho Marx



xxxxxOriginally established by the Roman Catholic Church, this hospital is now also partially owned by Health East. The contractual details of the purchase require services to still be supplied to the poor and needy regardless of profit potential. Church employed staff (including doctors, surgeons, nurses and administrative) still work at the hospital to ensure that these provisions are maintained.


xxxxxPast a double bay of automatic, sliding glass doors is the main entryway of the hospital. It is fairly bright within, giving an overall impression of being clean. The nose may detect the scent of antiseptic and other cleaning supplies frequently associated with hospitals. Directly and front and off to the left is the check-in desk, frequently monitored by a nurse or two. This is separated by a half wall with only a small space to speak to the staff. Most of this room is left open, maybe about 400 square feet in total, with areas to both the left and the right which are covered in worn-out carpet. Set here are a number of padded chairs either lined up in rows or situated around tables littered with various outdated reading material.

xxxxxFor visitors, there is a single elevator which leads to the upper floors. Far off to the left, and to the right of the elevator both, are swinging metal doors which lead into the areas for actual medical procedures instead of open to the public. Even during the latest night or wee hours of the morning, there are still people bustling about in their work. However, the amount of population varies.

xxxxxSt. John's Hospital is the major hospital of Fallcoast and offers a full range of medical and emergency services. It has five hundred beds including twenty luxury private long-stay rooms. It has its own fleet of ambulances with paramedics but private ambulances are also welcome to bring patients here.

xxxxxPC Employment: PCs can be employed at St. John's Hospital in a number of capacities, from janitorial to private surgeons on call for major operations. At the moment manager employment is not available - so no Head of Surgery or Chairman of the Board of Directors - but if you wish to be employed here then send in a +req/city detailing what position you would like and the qualifications you have for it. Intern students usually do their first year at St John's University Intern Clinic but once they have graduated they will be welcome to work here.

If employed in any capacity at the hospital then add the Hospital Category to your wiki page to appear on the list below:

St. John's Hospital Characters


St. John's Hospital
Established: 1935
Location: Fallcoast Commercial District
Owner: NPC
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