Soren Wagner

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Full Name Soren Wagner
Apparent Age Mid-Twenties
Virtue Fortitude
Vice Gluttony
Occupation Bar Owner/Tattoo Artist
Sphere Werewolf
Tribe Storm Lords
Auspice Elodoth
Deed Name Ease the Storm


Snapshot Observations

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RP Hooks
  • Bar Owner - Soren owns The Limelight Bar & Grill with his sister, Nadja. He can almost always be found lounging in a booth watching people, or behind the bar serving drinks.
  • Wagner - Soren and Nadja are Wagners, and all that entails.
  • Tattoo Artist - Soren has a small, private studio space below the bar where he tattoos upon appointment.

  • Gallery

    Soran-Wagner2.jpg Soren-Wagner3.jpg



  • Nadja Wagner - They came into the world together. He will fight till his last breath to ensure her happiness and safety.
  • Lars Wagner(NPC) - He's fun. He's wild. He tells the best stories. The twins couldn't ask for a more amazing uncle.
  • Henrietta Wagner(NPC) - Auntie Hen is about as eccentric as they come. She is feisty and stern, but never gave up on us, even during our most difficult times.
  • Denver Wagner(NPC) - Uncle Den is smart and truly an inspiration for excellence. He is single-handedly responsible for my love of learning.
  • Acquaintances

  • Auntie Nina - She doesn't know it, but she's already family.
  • Imogen Hart - Imogen's new to town but she was a easy hire at the Limelight. Soren keeps hearing shes a good bartender but he remains skeptical. Like family.

  • Logs
    No logs have been posted yet.