Sons of Tanis

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Sons of Tanis
Pack. Band. Family. Way of life.
Blue Nicks
Axel Andrea
Lead Guitar
Adon Dimitriadis
Bass Guitar
Vance Kade
The Band The Pack

Comprised of step-brothers Blue Nicks and Adon 'Addy' Dimitriadis, their childhood best friend Axel Andrea and newcomer Vance Kade, the Sons of Tanis are a local band who made good. Taking the rather unusual choice of performing all their songs in dead languages, they're famed for the intensity of their live shows and their highly interactive performances, which incorporate chants and call and response from the audience. Recently returning from a two year world tour, they're taking some well deserved rest and relaxation and working on new material.

What's less well known is that the band is actually a wolfpack associated with the Iron Masters and that their songs incorporate shamanistic rituals designed to shape and influence the hisil by harnessing the emotional ecstasy of their adoring fan base. With an aspirant to the Lodge of Spires as the alpha wolf, it's pretty natural for them to have claimed the eastern chunk of the historic district as their territory. Future plans include bringing the hisil in their territory to order and potentially even acquiring a locus.

Sons of Tanis

A wolfpack/rock band.

Members: Blue Nicks, Axel Andrea, Adon 'Addy' Dimitriadis & Vance Kade

Contact: Any!

Holdings: Eastern end of the Historic District

Recruiting Status: Potentially, though only for concepts that fit.