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I don't know what the Hell's in there,
but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.
~ Clark; The Thing (1982)


xxxxxSome might remember him as the quiet, serious student from grade and high school. Some may recall him as the adventurous lad in the summer months. And some might know of him as the one who went missing, as sailors do, during a midday excursion into the deep blue sea.

xxxxxAnd some might remember that what came back is nothing like anything that left the shore. Hard, mean, beaten yet never broken, he's tall, serious, and gruff, flooded with the ancient wisdom of wrecks, the mysteries of the deep, and the wisdom of the storms.

xxxxxThe storm has born the sun.


xxxxxHe's big, tall, and a redheaded guy with a bushy beard. Hard, inelegant eyes, pale skin, angular features, and a faint hint of seawater to him, and this person could not be more of a fisherman if he tried, and it is obvious he isn't. His style is the working-class version of what people who own luxury boats spend hundreds trying to achieve and miss; hoodies stitched into sweaters forged by the hands of weathered grandparents, battered canvas pants with ancient stains, work boots older than most people's cars, and belts passed down from generation to generation.


xxxxxHe's wearing sandals with multiple layers of socks, not boots. His belt is mated to suspenders, and those suspenders are covering a t-shirt with a narwhal on the front in what was once bright fuschia, now muted and dulled, and it reads: LEGENDS in Comic Sans font. Nobody buys that shirt, it just happens to people somehow.

xxxxxHe looks to be in good health, has blue eyes, and doesn't wear a watch.


xxxxxHe has too many colors to take in at one look. Marbled, iridescent shell-like skin, ancient and weathered black orbs for eyes, and a slew of narrow, thin tubes in front of his maw, all it spells out that this Beast is from the deep and doesn't look to be on a mission of mercy. Even dressed in a hooded sweater and canvas pants, he radiates a palpable aura of vague menace, as if his curled knuckles will unfurl at lightning speed and break something, or someone.

xxxxxHe's about six foot even, maybe two hundred pounds, and looks to be recently bloodied, or perhaps it is a constant effect of his rather-strong Summer aura. In any case, his skin appears to be more armored than flesh, and hardened by all appearances. Those eyes, they're cold, dead, and doll-like, absent a humane touch and utterly unblinking. A chilling descent into the realm of what a Beast may become. Also, he's wearing sandals and several layers of socks. That can't be good.


Dot black.png Changeling: He is one.

Dot black.png Wagner Family: A member of their august assembly.

Dot black.png Deep Sea Fishing: Almost explains his interest in eating fish.

Dot black.png Bounty Hunting: Just another way to pay the bills.


ManeMien.png Mane - The moon, distant and cold, beautiful, always there at sea.

Cora4.jpg Sonja - The woman who reigns above the family.

Asger002.jpg Asger - Brave, if strange.

Camren Bicondova as Dani.jpg Dani - A sea-cat, very fierce.

RauriS 2.jpg Rauri - A sea-wolf, very fine fighter.

MantisShrimpIcon.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.




Seeming beast.pngWagnerTree.jpgEntitlement tolltaker knighthood.pngCourt summer.pngBifrostIcon.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Solomon Wagner
Appears As: Sol
Apparent Age: Early 40s
Occupation: Deep Sea Fisherman
Bounty Hunter
Bar Owner
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Impatience
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Summer
Title: Captain of the Militia
Seeming: Beast
Kiths: Hardshell
Entitlement: The Tolltaker Knighthood
Keeper: The Gourmand
Affiliation: Wagner Family
Motley: TBD

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
Athletics •••Wagner Family bonus(Clever Feet bonusClever Feet bonus)
Intimidation ••• (Menacing Song)
Brawl •••• (Punches
Mantle ••••• (Summer)
Calcified •••
Ballistic Plating •••
Armored Mien ••• (Mantis Shrimp Chitin)
Striking Mien •• (Mantis Shrimp Armor)
Lethal Mien •• (Mantis Shrimp Grip)
Clever Feet ••


Alt-J ~ Left Hand Free
Well, your left hand's free
And your right's in grip
With another left hand
Watch his right hand slip
Towards his gun
Oh, no
Jemaine Clement - Shiny (Moana OST)
Well, Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam
I was a drab little crab once
Now I know I can be happy as a clam
Because I'm beautiful, baby
Did your granny say listen to your heart
Be who you are on the inside
I need three words to tear her argument apart
Your granny lied!
I'd rather be
Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
Scrub the deck and make it look
I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
Just a sec!