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Names Grace Smith; Sister Smith; the Sistersmith
Age Late Twenties
Seeming Wizened
Kiths Artist/Chirurgeon/Mirrorskin
Court Spring
Entitlement Pilgrims of the Endless Road
Motley Seekers of the Path
Notable Stats

Dexterity 4

Stealth 4

Mantle (Court spring.png) 3

Striking Looks 2 (Doll-Like)

Wyrd 3

Court spring.png


Entitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png


Seeming wizened.png


Changeling the lost.png


Seeming wizened.png


Entitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png


Court spring.png


Changeling the lost.png Mask: At 5' 6", Grace is not particularly tall - or short, for that matter - though her slender frame sometimes gives the illusion of her being taller than she is. Mostly, though, it makes her appear fragile and doll-like. While she has a generous bust and a nice hourglass shape to her mid that she frequently enhances with corsets, this combines with her elongated limbs and overall body to make her appear waifish at best.

While she frequently changes her hair colour, she has a tendency to default to platinum blonde - as close to natural as she gets, apparently. With her high cheekbones, wide eyes and pouty lips, this adds to her doll-like qualities; as does her thin, pale skin.

Her wardrobe is eclectic - and eccentric, too. While certainly capable of dressing down and putting on jeans and a t-shirt, Grace has a love for the complex and the artistic, and most frequently wears creations of her own that incorporate a certain steampunk aesthetic; leather corsets with waistcoat watches, tophats and gear-shaped jewellery, and flourished dresses and skirts of Victorian sensibilities updated for the 21st century. She's rarely found without some sort of satchel for kit and tools, and she often busies herself with knick-knacks and doodads if she has nothing else occupying her attention.

Court spring.png Mien: Hair spun of the finest of fibers, often shifting slightly in colour. Skin made of the finest of silken paper stretched over a clockwork frame where cogs and gears can sometimes be silhouetted within. Perfectly shaped. Too symmetric; nearing the uncanny valley. Hints of seams and seals, of joints and mechanisms below the surface. Her hands and fingers customisable - able to sprout extra joints or mechanical tools; needles and pliers, welding torch and thread. Whatever might be needed for the task at hand.

Court crown spring.png Mantle: The scent of sunshine after rain often surrounds the Sistersmith, signaling her allegiance to Spring

RP Hooks

Changeling the lost.png Fetchmaker, Fetchmaker: The Sistersmith was tasked with crafting the doubles that take over the existence the Lost leave behind. Professor Tick may've traded her services to other Keepers - she doesn't remember those times very well. Nonetheless,she retains some of her expertise and may be willing to share what she can recall.

Mortal.png I've Been Everywhere: Grace has travelled the length and breadth of the United States and gotten into a fair few misadventures along the way. Maybe you met outside of the safety of Fallcoast and Sentinel Rock?

Entitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png A Thousand Paths To Walk: As a Pilgrim of the Endless Road, Grace chases perfection in every moment, usually by trying (and often, failing) at new things. What do you do that Grace wants to try?

Court spring.png We Can Rebuild Him, We Have the Technology: The Sistersmith has great knowledge of Fae and human bodies, and is usually willing to help, if the worst should happen. You'll just owe her one. Or perhaps you already do.

Seeming wizened.png For Every Item, A Story: Beyond her mundane skills as a seamstress, Grace has an interest in tokens and hedgespun, and is happy to utilise her talents to provide the Lost of Sentinel Rock with just the item they need for a special occasion. Mind, she might send them off on a fetch-quest before they can claim their reward, and part of her payment is that she'll get to hear the story of how the item came to be (minus her own part, of course)

Court winter.png The Winter of Our Discontent: When the Sistersmith left Sentinel Rock, a few years ago, she was a neophyte member of the Silent Arrow. Sometime, during her travels, she exchanged Onyx for Verdant Mantle. Perhaps you knew her back then, a frightened and sad creature hiding from the world?

Creatures and Cohorts

Changeling the lost.png Fibonacci, the Most Interesting Mount in the World: Fibonacci is the transportation of choice for the Sistersmith, and one of her chosen companions in the Hedge. He is a magnificent specimen, resembling a Friesian stallion of unusual size and friendly (if a bit vain) temper, with glossy fur, solid limbs, and a sleek and muscled frame - along with a handsome face and the most amazing mane. And he is well aware of it.

While, so far, Fibonacci only submits to the Sistersmith, he does take well to flattery.

[Notable Traits: Intelligence 1, Strength 7, Stamina 6, Presence 3, Manip 1, Speed 36]

Changeling the lost.png Arash, the Dream-Hound: Appearing as an Irish Wolf-hound of a truly remarkable size, Arash could easily dwarf a pony - and often does. A second companion that Grace picked up in her travels, she claims to have an agreement with the gigantic beast and that, really, he's a big softie. And while the Fae Beast is capable of reasoned thought and coherent speech, he does not appear to be a particularly brave dog, happy to leave the front-lines to others. He does, however, pride himself on having a certain amount of skill as far as predicting the future goes. Alas, he has steadfastly refused to read either tea-leaves or tarot cards so far.

[Notable Traits: Giant, Occult 4, Contracts of Dream]

Fairbliss 002.jpg
Seeming fairest.png Lilith Fairbliss: There's a complex dynamic going on between Lilith and Grace, and Grace for one is happy to expound on it at length - if she doesn't get distracted by touching, kissing, stroking, fondling and otherwise luxuriating in the touch of the Succubus. The pair met not too long ago, and to hear them tell the tale, it was love at first sight. Now, it's not unusual to see the pair of them together, and the club promoter's outfits have lately been both custom-made and had hints of Victoriana and Steampunk flair to them.

Entitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png Andrea Vivian Bailey: Fellow Pilgrim, fellow seeker, Grace enjoys Andrea's company and is happy to provide the harbinger of Hope with what she needs as she goes down her on path to perfection.

Court spring.png Dorothy: Another motleymate, the Best Pet Ever is a close friend, and her talent for gardening plants and people and places comes in handy for both the more mundane aspects of the Sistersmith's business and her desire to cultivate rarer crops in the Hedge.

Seeming fairest.png Bunny Swallows: Bubbling Bunny, the cheerful companion and confidante. Just don't try to explain how things work to her.


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