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"So who wants their ass beat first? And before you decide, keep in mind that I'm gradually goin' to get more tired, but also gradually more berserker." Pam Poovey - Archer

Formally from Portland, Maine. Shanna is in town to work in construction, demolitions, and renovations. Any excuse for swinging a huge honking sledgehammer. But that's just for making money. For funsies, she's as likely to be found in gyms and fight clubs, and other places where people can go upside on each others heads, or making a racket with a guitar. Axes and hammers are a couple of her favorite things. Plus all that Rahu aggression gotta go somewhere when she ain't fighting and hunting.


Played By: Hailey Cowan
Full Name: Shanna Andrea Larkin
Deed Name: Nidu Hursathra Dunfath - Baby got Backbreaker
Birthdate: August 12th, 1995
Apparent Age: Early twenties.
Occupation: Construction and Demolitions
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Laciviousness
Species: Werewolf
Auspice: Fucking Rahu yo!
Tribe: Iron Goddamn Mistress



Construction - Pays the bills. And there's satisfaction in finishing a build.
Demolition - Not gonna lie, this is the real fun in the hob sometimes.
Mixed martial arts - There's money in it but making people squeak like a rubber ducky is just fun training.
Werewolf - What she really trains for. Shanna was raised wolfblooded (The Bite Tell.) among the People in Portland, Maiine before her change in her mid teens. So she's known her way around her whole life. Adjusting to the way things are done in Fallcoast looks like it isn't too hard.
Rahu -All the light of the full moon. Having learned the hard way there are fights you can't win. Shanna can fight with a more defensive slant, working to avoid a hit or be able to take the hit on the chin. Even if it's just to get close enough to latch her paws onto something and slam them into a wall or onto the floor. She can also swing that sledge hammer of her's with some mighty heft.
Iron Master - Practicality and adaptability. Sometimes all you need is judicial use of blunt force trauma, sometiimes you need claws and fangs, sometimes you just need to stand there and look really, really fucking mean.

“I'll huff, and I'll puff, until I blow your house down.”
- The Big Bad Wolf


Strength: •••••
Brawl: •••••
Weaponry: •••••
Striking Looks: •• (Amazonian)
Crafts: ••••



Brawl: Striking
Athletics: Chase
Intimidation: Looming

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
The girl in the corner is everyone's mourner.
She could kill you with a wink of her eye!

Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
Honey its getting close to midnight
And all the myths are in town

Body Count- Bitch in the Pit
She ain't scared of nothing.
She's ready to fight.
She said she'll die tonight

Drowning Pool-Horns Up
It's taking control, taking control of me.
I feel you breaking under me.

Dream Wife ft. Fever Dream - F.U.U
I spy with my little eye!
Oh, bad, bad, bad bitches!


Auspice rahu.png
Know Shanna?
Tribe iron masters.png
Then you might get listed here!


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