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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirits.”

– Trevor Bloodfeather


xxxxx Trevor Bloodfeather has been performing his rituals in Fallcoast for almost twenty years. A Native Passomaquoddy, he was drawn here from across the Canadian border by the anguish of the spirits and has been working with them against foes terrestrial and spiritual. Though sometimes he has also had to hold back evil spirits who wish to harm this world.

  • To balance the physical and spiritual.
  • To promote a sustainable life.
  • To educate.
Type of Assistance (if any)
  • Research and investigation
  • Ritual assistance
  • Guidance with the spirits
Known Special Talents
  • He is a highly skilled Shaman.
Trevor Bloodfeather
Run By: Darwin
Apparent Age: Early forties
Occupation: Spirit Talker

Tradition: Shaman
Location: Local and available (usually lives in the woods)

Spirit in the Sky

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