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Tribe bone shadows.pngSeraphine ⚜ D'AmourWolfblooded.png
Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves. I will do what I have to do. And I will do what I must.
― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Book of Dreams
 xxxxx☽ There is a Queen of six, sevens, and nines...☾
Hips like a hurricane; a heart to match. It beats in claps of thunder; cracking ribs and shooting shock waves up lightning rod bones – electrocuting every nerve and fiber.
Only goosebumps tell of the brewing storm. Silver raindrops hang on lips like stars in the sky. Mirror eyes show others their true reflection.
Better they see themselves than you.
 xxxxx☽ Dust in your garden, poison in your mind... ☾
The D'Amours are a wolfblooded line, and a strong one at that. Luna doesn't call them often, and when they do, it's a point of pride. Her elder brother Laurent was called years ago; Jacques, only a year older than she, was recently called. Which has family eyes turning her way, as well. Expectant. Hopeful. Three is a lucky number, after all.
Bone Shadows
While she hasn't had a First Change, she's tightly woven in with this Tribe, and not only because it is the one her brother belongs to. With a knack for dealing with spirits and ghosts, it's of little wonder she finds herself at home with the Hirfathra Hissu.
That Voodoo You Do
No, she won't muck about in your love life. But she might talk to some dearly departed on your behalf. Or her Friends on the Other Side.
A little gris-gris keeps you safe from harm. For the right price, favor or monetary or otherwise, Seraphine will craft these.
Not afraid to practice with both hands. Right./Left.
Putting the Dead to Rest
Ghosts have been a part of Seraphine's life, since the start. She's old hand at dealing with those that have not quite found rest, and is known to be compassionate in her dealings with them (Supernatural Esteem: Ghosts 1). Beyond that, in much more mundane nature, she's wrapping up a degree in Mortuary Science, and is scouting out the possibility of a funeral home for those with more...eclectic belief systems.
Army brat, through and through. While she's originally from New Orleans, she's been all over the country and afar in her youth. Wanderlust is a thing. Established locations: NOLA, Boston, Brooklyn, Fort Campbell, Seattle.
Bad Life Choices
Usually involving her love life and werewolves.
 xxxxx☽ Gallery ☾

I was too violent, too hungry— Not. Beautiful. Enough. To please. I was a wolf, and they dressed me in sheepskin and taught me to fear the foxes, and I am still afraid. Because I was the runt of the litter. So I learned to be pretty on hands and knees; I learned to be wanted in the dark; I learned the best way to be less than the sum of my parts. I learned girls like me don’t get happy endings. But no matter how pretty, the wolf in me will always be hungry. You can paint the killer red, and she will still have a taste for blood. And my lipstick has tasted like metal for as long as I can remember."...

 xxxxx☽ Contacts ☾


  • Keith - Visions and viciousness. Flowers and poisons. A welcome contradiction. Songbird, with a brand new track.


  • Jones - Secrets shared. Knowledge gained. Gallow's humor. Remember me, should the walls fall once more. Six of Swords.



  • Marjorie - Respected, for everything that she is, and all that she is not.
  • Jed - Proof that you can't always run from your past. And sometimes, it's not so bad when it catches up with you.
  • Nadya - The firestarter.
  • Jackson - The Ritualist. Respected, for the things he sees and understands. Priest.


  • Laurent - You have always been my rock, and a better part of my heart. Voice of reason, of change, of truth.
  • Jean-Baptiste - Brother. Yes. That's close enough to what you are in truth. The voice of experience.
  • Jacques - Big brother. Heart. Teeth, now, too. Down to the Bone. . Good luck finding Black Shuck.

Friends on the Other Side

  • Hush - A forest fire, now burnt out. Your children will know their father's story. And learn.
  • Levi - Not to be forgotten. Like silver in the sunlight.
 xxxxx☽ This Story Is True... ☾

Full Name: Seraphine D'Amour-Spireson
Template: Wolfblood/Thaumaturge
Path: Vodoun/Shaman
Date of Birth/App Age: 21 Nov 1983/Late 20s
Sign: Scorpio
Virtue/Vice: Patience/Wrath
Occupation: Samedi's Girl
Played By: Jessica Lucas
Wolfblood: ●●●●●
Pack: None.
Halsey - Control
I'm well acquainted with villains
that live in my head.
They beg me to write them,
so they'll never die when I'm dead.
And I've grown familiar with villains
that live in my head.
They beg me to write them so
I'll never die when I'm dead.
I'm bigger than my body
I'm colder than this home
I'm meaner than my demons
I'm bigger than these bones
And all the kids cried out,
"Please stop, you're scaring me."
I can't help this awful energy
God damn right,
You should be scared of me
Who is in control?
Lera Lynn - Wolf Like Me
Dream me, oh, dreamer
Down to the floor
Open my hands and let them
Weave onto yours
Feel me, completer
Down to my core
Open my heart and let it
Bleed onto yours
Feeding on fever
Down on all fours
Show you what all
That howl is for.

Saint Motel - At Least I Have Nothing
Finally I've got nothing called home,
I know the true joy of sorrow--
Of which I'm sharing alone.
And I probably messed up,
Made a mistake;
At least it was mine
At least I can say
At least I have nothing,
Nothing to tie me down,
Not even someone.
I've got no more
family in this town.
I had such high hopes
For the minds of our generation
If we had some goals,
We could reach out and take them
Instead we're apart,
No movement to follow
We are just stuck inside
Their business model
I'll probably die here,
I probably will.
I say it again,
I'll scream out from hell--
At least I have nothing
Talking Heads - Papa Legba
There is a king that will steal your soul
Don't let him catch you don't let him get control.
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Papa Legba come and open the gate...

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