Sentinels of the Dawn

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Sentinels of the Dawn


Sentinels of the Dawn

Members: JermaineAshley

Contact: Kyrie Skinner

Holdings: Old Abandoned Brewery & Surrounding Territory

Recruiting Status: Potentially



The Sentinels of the Dawn are a pack of Uratha and Wolfbloods that have banded together under the purpose of being a vigil at the border. They guard the places where a world ends and another begins. The Dawn and the Dusk where day meets night. The Uratha where man, wolf, and spirit meet. The Gauntlet where the Shadow meets the Material. They are the wardens of Twilight, and seek to distinguish themselves though their purity and their honor.


Many Acres of Wilderness Inside the Brewery Looking Down Inside the Brewery Looking Down SOTDSeacave1.png


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