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Changeling: Holdings


xxxxx Information about places that are owned or managed by the freehold go here; this can include hollows as well as mortal holdings.

New Redoubt

Grid location: HG03

xxxxxResting where the Summer Junkyard used to be is New Redoubt, the freehold's town within the Hedge. It holds hollows for the four seasonal courts, and welcomes members of the freehold to build their own hollows within the town walls.

xxxxxOOC: All hollows created within the town walls share in the hollow wards at no charge.


xxxxxLocated on Green Street in New Redoubt, the Infirmary offers safe healing space with both Hedge and mundane medical equipment. While it is maintained primarily by the Spring Court, the Infirmary is considered a Freehold holding and is open to all, both as patients and healers.

Garden Lounge

xxxxxLocated in the entry room of the Spring Hollow in New Redoubt, the Garden Lounge was declared public space for all Freeholders to use by the Spring Court. It contains gardens, pools and fountains, areas of artistic expression, and a gazebo equipped with many varieties of games in addition to a table that will instantly provide whatever food or drink those sitting around it Desire.

Harvest Lounge

Grid Location: B02

xxxxxMaintained by the Autumn Court, this lounge is located in the basement of the Miranda Building as a mundane gathering place open to all members of the freehold. It offers a kitchen, numerous seating options for groups of all sizes, and even an extensive media room for large scale movie nights and the like.

OOC: Once on the grid space, the lounge can be reached in one of two ways:

  • MRB, HL (via the Miranda Building, and the dark Harvest Lounge entrance), or:
  • MU, BD (via the CHIME Museum, and the dark Basement Door entrance)

Medical Clinic

Grid Location: A01

xxxxxEstablished during Summer's push to focus on mundane matters during 2016, this fully functional medical clinic and surgical suite are privately owned, and accessible to all members of the freehold. Contact lists are maintained there as well for those with healing abilities, either mundane or magical.

OOC: On grid, the clinic is inside the Private Warehouse (PW) at A01. For those with healing skills who want to be on the contact list, please update the list under Healers.

Seabreeze Apartments

Grid Location: C02 Seabreeze_Apartments

xxxxxFor those Lost who are ready to at least dip their toes into dealing with the modern world again, or who don't deal well with group living situations, the Seabreeze Apartments (SEA) are owned and operated by members of the freehold strictly for the freehold. With only fellow Lost as residents, one can be sure that your neighbors will understand your particular oddities better than the run-of-the-mill citizen. For those still getting back on their feet, rent can even be subsidized by the freehold, with offers to help around the complex or with any of the other freehold ventures a common bargain.

OOC: Those who want to rent here should feel free to submit a build request just as you would for any other residence; the build is staffnoted so that Build Staff know that it's Freehold-only.