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Freehold History Draft

The story so far….

Before Sentinel Rock there was X, but that is not important save for the fact that X is no more, but the Widow was… tho known at the time as the Widower. Because he was a man at the time. Sentinel Rock was founded on July the 4th, 1776, which seems Awfully coincidental, or perhaps not considering how much the Lost value freedom, and the times they were in.

It started off as a small freehold, but in time grew large and prosperous and really, for a couple hundred years… it was untouchable. Sentinel Rock stood out like a bastion of defiance in and out of the hedge. Not that things never happened, but it was generally thought of as one of the safest freeholds of the land, and even spread deeper into the hedge than most would dare. It’s crowning symbol, the grand lighthouse, like a glowing beacon declaring itself against all comers.

And then in the Spring of 2016… that all changed.

It began...

March 19, 2016

10ish or so PM,

The Autumn Hollow, filled with the Ashen Court's courtiers and guests, was assaulted, a siege of hobs from the deep forest, armed with living fire. Scores of them out in the darkness, and strange hobgoblin allies that looked like maggots the size of horses, burrowing under the ground. Much of the Autumn's Library was saved before the house sank and burn, leaving nothing but broken timber, ashes, and a sinkhole behind.

March 23, 2016

Early evening.

The spring hollow, filled with springs finest, and friends went through a bizarre transformation as the hunger it so radiated, and the 'life' that had seeped into it over the decades and decades seemed to resurrect part of the creature the hollow was carved from. One Changeling, Siri, died bludgeoned and crushed by tentacle and orifice, while the others fought against what became an enormous mouth. Some were swallowed and made their bruised way out through the innards of the corpse, other managed to escape from the opening mouth and a broken tooth. In an unlikely turn of events, the Spring hollow was Killed by Wendell, and then fell in upon itself and is now a burbling pit of acidic digestive juices and rot. SMELL BAD.

March 24, 2016

At some point in the afternoon.

A wary winter on high alert, as well as some nearby non winter freeholders, reacted quickly to the sea boiling and belching up a small army. A brave few held off the attacks long enough for a prepared and precise winter contingent to secret away Winters's archives and secrets, before the wards finally broke and the hollow was overrun.

March 25th

TIME O'Clock

While Owen and co. were trying to get people out and equipment moved from Valhalla, three giant maggots broke through the stone in three separate areas of the place, accompanied by armed hobs. The arrival of the maggots made Valhalla unstable so it started to collapse, while those who were at Valhalla were attacking so everyone could get out. They'd barely managed it before the entire place caved in, burying the maggots and all the gear that remained.

March 26th


The Newly crowned Queen May, cozied up to her long time on and off again sweetheart and stabbed him with a poisoned blade, and then tried to finish the job, but missed his throat and sliced off his antler. Richard stabbed her back with his own broken antler before he was dragged away. Cernnunos, Jack of the Green, flanked by a cadre of iron wielding lackey's, recovered the body of May and left. His entourage took John and Simon, presumably back to Arcadia. While from the sea, things crawled, crashed and exploded into the lighthouse, moments before a tidal wave smacked into it. Many of those gathered fled quickly and efficiently. May no longer bore the crown in the end, instead her siblings, the nigh inseparable twins seem to bear the crown, together, as one. Strange things indeed.

March 27th

It is quiet. Summer's hollow still stands and is serving as a bit of a refugee camp. The new Crown(s) have yet to speak. Many people are in shock, it has been a nightmare the last pair of weeks, and the freeholds hedge territory is all but erased... Loyalists could be the next changeling you meet, what was once yours is now occupied territory. Bands of enemy forces, changelings of deep woods and deep oceans patrol once safe trods. Tension in the air, what will happen next?

March some day

I can’t find the log. 2016

The Summer hollow seemed to be the Salvation, the massive Junkyard turned out to be a weapons stockpile of epic proportions. Britta was obsessed with being a warrior, but her Second, Sheldon Bixby was/is obsessed with Defense, and over the years, much was made and secreted, and when the leftover armies of Cernnunos and Two if by Sea came at them, they had walls in place, and an arsenal, and a plan. Wave after wave of Loyalist and Hob came, with a maggot leviathan of kaiju proportions, but they all broke against the combined might of the freehold, and the defenses of the hollow. Now the Summer Hollow is rebranded, the New Redoubt, a sanctuary for all of Sentinel Rock, a symbol of defiance, and yet also a reminder to some to not spread too far and wide, and leave oneself vulnerable.

Since then:

Things have been quiet in Sentinel Rock, perhaps too quiet. Old Motleys Broken, friends lost, Since that spring, all the old Crowns have been usurped, The Twins have taken over from May, Sheldon from Britta. Richard Horne has all but vanished since Isrieal took the crown and most recently, for the first time since the Founding of the freehold, the Widow is no longer in charge of winter.


xxxxx Here is a timeline of things that have happened that effect the freehold. Historical events, as well as things that actually happen IC, could all be listed here.

July 4, Founders Day.
Usually a BBQ gathering held in an open but semi private area, like the Firefly Fields retreat.

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