Sarissa Wagner

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Mask: Sarissa Wagner
  • Family: Mom: Caith Sith, Sun Chaser, Nicks(No not the local Nicks'!). Dad: Iminir, Irraka, Wagner. They moved to Greece to raise their child as Wolfblood/Beastkin, away from the local Pure, until she was Taken for a year at 16.
  • Volunteer Worker: Making the world better is central to who she is. She cooks/serves at the local soup kitchen, donates clothing and blankets to the shelter, and performs to fund raise.
  • Hobbies: Dancing(especially shuffle) and singing/guitar, done for her expressing and sharing joy/hope. Free running, martial arts, surfing, forest hiking, fuzzy animals. Drunken mischief.

Mien: Sarissa of Sentinel Rock
  • Dawn Beast:
  • Freeholder: She considers other Freeholders to be at least nominally allies while tending to distrust those not oathed. She is happy to go out of her way to help freeholders, especially in the hedge.
  • He Who Walks Behind: (As she Remembers It) Dying as varied people in varied horror themes, she eventually evolved to fight back. Growing strong enough to be made a horror herself, she escaped instead.

Enemies WIP

  • Hobgoblin Enemies: "Slashers" are a particularly nasty tribe of Border Reavers. From their hidden forts, they send out small raiding parties, riding atop Spider-Chimera.
  • Motley: *********************
  • Person Things thoughts feelings Things thoughts feelings

  • Dawn Court:
  • Suzanne Things thoughts feelings Things thoughts feelings

  • Freeholders:
  • Bah Things thoughts feelings Things thoughts feelings

  • Others:
Ling: Dawn Beast
Kith: Runnerswift
Title: Endless Road Pilgrim
Motley: LFG!!!!!
P/DoB: 2000 Local
Build: 5'7" Statuesque
Hair/Eyes: Dark/Blue
Record: Demonstrations
Job: Live performer
Sick Like Me
Sex Metal Barbie
Beast Within
Bloody Creature Poster Girl
The Fighter
Dirty Pretty
Natural Born Sinner
Big Bad Wolf
Oh Lord
In The Air Tonight
River Of Fire
Half God Half Devil
Black Wedding
The In-Between
Hunting Grounds
Fly Like An Eagle
We Will Rock You
Lay Me Down