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Sapphire Elene Cavanaugh

Appears As: Sapphire
Occupation: Jeweler and artist
Birthdates: Feb 3, 1996
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Mortal
Family: Cavanaugh
Quote: "The road to powerful magical items is paved with good intentions and hideous deathtraps."~ Jeff Mach


Halestorm - "I Am The Fire"
Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire that burns from within
To push away my fear, to stand when I'm afraid
I am through with this, cause I'm more than this
I promised to myself and no one else
My flame is rising higher

xxxxxOne of those Cavanaughs, though this one grew up in the northern part of the state, spending her summers in Fallcoast with her family. From the Cavanaugh side she got poise and social graces. From the Lecroix - her maternal - side... she got a deep knowledge of the occult and the ability to craft relics.

RP Hooks
  • Mortal ~ Sapphire is but a wee, squishy mortal, but not a clueless one. She's aware of a lot.
  • Relics ~ Relics are one of the things of which she is aware, and talented in, both analyzing and crafting them. In fact, those in the know may have heard of her and her skill with this.
  • Cavanaugh ~ Her father's people and hers, she has an extensive network of well-connected family members in the area and spent every summer of her childhood and teenage years with them.
  • Rocks ~ By profession, Sapphire is an extremely talented crafter of bespoke jewelry, though she does some artwork, too.
  • Enchanted ~ After spending a few months in an Ensorcelled pledge, a couple of privateers decided that Sapphire should really be in Arcadia. She felt differently. After spending maybe five minutes total in that place, she was able to beat feet out of there. The experience has broken her mind enough that now she just plain sees Changelings outside of any pledges.

Evangeline 01.jpg Evangeline My very favourite of cousins. Movie star. Also my best form of advertising..

AelfdeneMask1.jpg Aelfdene Which witch is he now? Oldest and dearest of friends.

DanR2.jpg Dan Willy nilly silly old bear. But you make Eva happy, and so you're terrific in my books.

Stihl1.png Stihl What are his real motives? I'm not sure. Not a good man, but absolutely one I can rely on if I need to. Strange dichotomy.

TheGates.jpg NAME Things.


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