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"Anybody is a killer, all you gotta do is push 'em to the limits."
Name: Samuel Redman Calhoun
Date of Birth: 28 March 1992
Apparent Age: Twenties
Virtue: Seize the day,
Vice: then set it on fire.
Occupation: Criminal, 'Opportunist'
Public Effects: Status (Crime) •

Race: Werewolf
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Blood Talons
Pack: None
Deed Name: Urkig Kaggath, the Blood-Seeker

Roleplaying Hooks

  • Ithaim

A prophet of Mother Luna, her divine will paving way to a streak of maddening visions that will absolutely drive the inferior man insane, Calhoun has served as conduit for these visions for years, conveying them through frothing mouths, bloodshot eyes, and a pool of his own blood. He makes sure that Luna's cryptic messages do not fall on deaf ears, and in ensuring so has made the ultimate sacrifice: his own sanity.

  • Ex-Garmir

Proud warriors of Destroyer Wolf, the Garmirs are said to be the best of the best among Fenris-Ur's brood, always seeking for perfection in battle and honing their skills endlessly. Calhoun has had a recent falling off with the Lodge due to personal reasons, but that doesn't stop him from honoring Garm and Destroyer Wolf wherever he goes.

  • Freelance

Even a proud Suthar Anzuth has to pay the bills; unfortunately, there's almost no one out there with the right mind willing to employ him, and the man is too proud for his own good to settle for lesser jobs. Instead he puts what he does best to good use, and earns just enough money to pay the bills and live through the nights with a full belly. Need a problem solver? He's your man.

  • Motor City

Detroit born and raised, baby. The local People are quite familiar of the boy, even back when he was still known by his firstname 'Samuel', 'Sammy', or 'Sammy-boy' if you were really close to him. Nowadays, if he ever hears that name spoken to him again? He'll either give you a big ol' hug, or a big ol' shotgun slug to the face depending on who you are. Detroit people (with a lower case p) might've known him before Fallcoast.

  • Crimes of Man

Deep inside him, he's not proud of it, but his tendencies towards the criminal are a fact of his life that he has to live with. Luna didn't exactly bless him with a merry & jolly childhood, while surviving on the streets of Detroit had been the norm for him. He's adopted what he's learned into adulthood, and unless the military is having a program for the supernatural & the mentally unstable, he's not turning goody two-shoes anytime soon.

The People
  • What a loser.
Everyone Else
  • Holly: Good kitty.
  • Saparra: Bad kitty.
  • Coco: Uh, sexy kitty? I don't even know. There's too many of 'em.



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