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RP Hooks

* Ex Military: - Sabo used to operate and maintain a tank while stationed in the Middle East.

* Dishonorable Discharge: - A look into his service record will reveal a dishonourable discharge for striking a superior officer.

* Sin-Eater: - Death is only the beginning.. Sabo is a Sin-Eater. He cheated death, merged with a Geist and now speaks to the departed.

* Reaper: - Sabo is a Reaper. He lays justice upon the wicked; mostly deadly justice. It is the best justice. Its like a hired assassin for the dead.

* Fnord: -

Geist & Keystone

Tubbs is a shadow and the grave hint of a presence, literally. With no clear form, per se, his is like the shadow of a figure glimpsed under the door, or retreating down the hall ahead, or cast by a figure lighting a cigarette around a dark corner. The stench of stale cigarettes and habitual alcohol abuse sometimes fill the nostrils when you pass through where Tubbs has recently stood, too, but he is always just out of the way, just a bit ahead or behind, and never stands in the presence of an observer. Tubbs represents malice, and murder, and conflict, and like a horseman, serves as a harbinger of these ugly subjects (although his Threshold is not Torn). Whenever someone is going to do bad upon someone else, Tubbs is there waiting to see, a silent witness. His motives are unclear, but it must be releated to his actual death, which with no true appearance, ascertaining such is difficult, at best: his Keystone lays clues, being a deathly monster car destroyed and left to rot in an auto graveyard. Perhaps he was a racer and was murdered, who can say. Regardless of the lost circumstances, or even the name he lived with, Tubbs is one of the Prey when one digs deeply enough, and possesses the Pyre-Flame and Grave-Dirt Keys.

Death Racer
The Death Racer was a labor of greed before it became a thing of Twilight and smoke. It is the sort of vehicle that took hours and hours of manual labor while family, education, and responsibilities all took a back seat. The culmination is an evil-looking, black monstrosity that rips road and screams through the nighttime countryside. The Death Racer was pivotal in the death of the Sin-Eater who owned it; a man who would go on to become a Geist, and to possess John Bender decades later, bringing the rod with him. Through countless modifications, it is faster, accelerates stronger, and handles better than it would at first appear.



Frankie - She reminds me of me on a good day.
Kilo - Some knowledge is best kept secret.
Molly - Pirate. Queen. Pirate Queen!
Nicole - Party. Girl. Party Girl!
Rictus - There are many reasons, but I only need one. And you hit that one.
Vandal - Suddenly I'm driving you and flying meatball boy to kill Toys. What.. the.. hell?

NOT R.I.P (but also not deadite)

Alessa - Cop(out)
Audri - College. Chick. College Chick!
Kelsey - You certainly know how to fill a guys kennel with dogs.
Kyrie - Biker. Chick. Bikerchick

R.I.P - Or just .. gone

Ella Anderson - Flower. Picker. Flower Picker!
Gabriel - Death tends to fuck everything up, doesn’t it?
Hoax - I felt like putting a bullet in your knee. I still kinda do.
Thorn - R.I.P


Voices of the Dead — Kreator

Tonight I hear you whisper
Deep inside within my head
Tonight I see familiar faces
Voices of the dead calling me

John “Sabo” Bender
App. Age:
Late 30s
Disillusioned Survivalist
The Miners Vigil
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