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"We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.
~ Vince Lombari


xxxxxIf asked why her name is Rykar she'll point out how her parents are sci-fi fans. If asked about the spelling she'll point out that she was born a girl instead of the boy her folks were expecting, that being their way of trying to make it a more feminine name. Sadly, nothing about their daughter was going to be girly.

xxxxxGrowing up in the south, Rykar was always getting dirty and taking part in activities not seen as what a young lady should take part in. Football was a particular love of hers, and she even nabbed a spot on her high school team all four years she was a student there. She was also a ball of rage. While she never inflicted it upon her peers, she did lash out at her parents, causing fights and yelling matches that all but brought the roof down around them. They tried to get their daughter help but none of the therapists or medication helped.

xxxxxAnswers as to her behavior came suddenly when, on the night of the full moon during Ryker's nineteenth year, she had her first change. She couldn't remember what happened after she had blacked out, but she was filled in by several strangers who had surrounded her naked, blood-covered body while she was coming to. They explained to her that they had been following her for several months, sensing what she was. They weren't sure if she had anyone in her family were also Garou, but she was one and was in need of being taught about what being one of the People entailed.

xxxxxRykar left home that night, taking the time to say goodbye to her parents and pack up some clothes and nothing else. The next ten years were spent learning about the Garou and her tribe, the Blood Talons, and what was expected of someone born under the full moon. She stayed with them until a bit after she turned 27. She decided to head up north to see if perhaps the People up there might need her help.


Bullethole.png Werewolf: She is one .

Bullethole.png Southerner: Has the accent to prove it (Won't be typing it out, so just imagine she has one)

Bullethole.png Football: She trains harder than most people ever play.


USFootballIcon.png NAME - Things.

USFootballIcon.png NAME - Things.

USFootballIcon.png NAME - Things.


Auspice rahu.pngTribe glyph blood talons.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Rykar Johnson
Appears As: Rykar
Birth Date: January 12th, 1994
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Occupation: None.
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Sphere: Werewolf
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Deed Name: She-Who-Screams-At-The-Moon
Pack: None yet.


Rag'n'Bone Man ~ Human
Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind
Thinking I can see through this and see what's behind
Got no way to prove it so maybe I'm blind
But I'm only human after all, I'm only human after all
Don't put your blame on me
Take a look in the mirror and what do you see
Do you see it clearer or are you deceived in what you believe
Cos I'm only human after all, you're only human after all
Don't put the blame on me
Don't put your blame on me