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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
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xxxxx As a Changeling, Ryan Butler first appeared in Fallcoast in the early summer of 2012, a recent escapee from The Compass Rose. It wasn't long before he joined the Spring Court and the Freehold of Sentinel Rock. He is known for the typical Wizened skill of fixing things, as well as less prestigious tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and mixing a mean cocktail. While quick to help where he is able, he keeps his head down when it comes to anything resembling politics or leadership.

xxxxx In his mortal guise Ryan is even less conspicuous, traveling to perform at New England Ren Faires during the summer, and making a living working menial jobs during the off season.

RP Hooks
Ryan E. Butler
Date of Birth: May 22nd, 1918
Apparent Age: 20-something
Occupation: Janitor
Virtue: Humility
Vice: Epicurean
Played By: Colin Morgan

Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Drudge / Playmate
Court: Spring
Motley: The Broken Compass
Entitlement: None
Freehold: Sentinel Rock
  • Cleanup Crew: Ryan currently works nights, cleaning up after hours at The Widow's Walk and occasionally filling in as bartender.
  • Odd Jobs: He's had a lot of odd jobs in his time: Janitor? Handy-man? Waiter? Cook? Bartender? He's done all those and more. Past co-workers or acquaintances are a possibility.
  • Back Beat: Though he tries to blend into the background, Ryan plays drums to accompany Eleri's Firespinning. They are known to perform locally as well as at Ren Faires throughout New England.
  • Spring Court: As a Joyeux for the Spring Court, Ryan is known for helping people get what they want. The end result may not be exactly what they asked for, but it usually fits the bill.
  • It Fell Off a Truck: Though strictly small-time, Ryan does occasionally have a need to fence, pawn, or purchase items of dubious origin.
Abilities of Note
Dexterity •••••
Crafts •••• (Cooking)
Stealth •••• (Unobtrusive)
Empathy •••
Athletics •• (Juggling)
Expression •• (Drums)
Mantle •• (Spring!)
Artifice •••

The Broken Compass

  • Eleri - The Spark. She should stop worrying about the impossible.
  • Mirabella - The Lucky Star. May the heavens light her path.
  • Thorian - The Key. May the answers he seeks be the answers he hopes for.


  • Tock - A well-mannered lady with interesting parts.


  • Owen - Extraordinary enthusiasm.

Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Welcome to Paradise - Green Day
Carry On - Fun.
Hand Drum Rhythms - Frank Lazzaro

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