Roberto Martinez (NPC)

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“Get your ass over here, and SHOOT the darn thing.”
– Bear Martinez (NPC)


Full Name: Roberto "Bear" Martinez
Birthdate: Unknown
Apparent Age: 40-50
Occupation: Mechanic
Virtue: Unknown
Vice: Unknown
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Soldier/Woodblood
Wyrd: 5
Keeper: Unknown
Court: Summer
Mantle: 5

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  • Mask
    A sturdy mountain of a man, mestizo from the looks of it, with eyes of a peculiar green-grey. He's heading toward the far side of his prime, but still powerful, with broad shoulders and a few grey streaks here and there. His hair hangs in short dreads to just past his ears. He generally wears work boots, jeans and button-down shirts over white undershirts, and often doesn't care enough to button the buttons all the way.
  • Mien
    A sturdy mountain of a man, with mestizo bone structure and sharp green eyes. His skin is gnarled and bark-like, his hair flexible twigs with the occasional leaf. The skin around his hands and forearms is stained with what appears to be splashes and splatters of old, dried blood.
  • Mantle
    Searing heat, just shy of painful, surrounds him anywhere he goes, parching soil, wilting plants. His steps leave fiery footprints, and the ground itself almost seems to be aflame, heat-hazes and the occasional lick of fire rising from the earth.

  • Summer King
    Good-hearted but gruff, he is impatient with people who want to be handed everything in life on a silver platter instead of putting out the effort of getting it themselves. His temper simmers under a calm exterior, and mostly manifests in ready irritation. If he helps you, you are going to be with him while he does it, no matter how wimpy you are. He has taken over the previous Summer Queen's mechanic shop since gym teacher Summer King Sheldon has skipped town to go retire in Miami.
  • Hobby
    Whittling. He's pretty darned good at it. He's also pretty darned good at chucking neatly-whittled birds at people when they piss him off.
  • The Tolltaker Knighthood
    A long-time member of the Knighthood, he earned the name "Bear" from both his size and his ferocious fighting style.