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Atlantis, Rise.


Dot black.png Overview:
xxxxxRiva is a martial artist, yoga practitioner, slayer of horrors from beyond, and some manner of super-evolved giant.

Dot black.png Background:
xxxxxBorn in California, to a Daksha practitioner and a sleeper mother, Riva has been low-grade aware of the supernatural for most of her life. Having been a sleepwalker fairly early on, it was not a surprise when they Awakened, and began training, though a mentor steered her toward a path of martial enlightenment, consistent with their sect's more proactive beliefs of the role of the Advent in the times to come, leading Riva to choose the Arrow over the Mysterium.

Dot black.png Personality:
xxxxxRiva's personality will go here soon.

Dot black.png Daksha, Pronouns, Etc.:
xxxxxRiva is a member of a particularly strange legacy of mages called the Daksha. They believe in force-evolving themselves into what they see as the species that will be what inherits the world when Atlantis rises again, specifically Lemurians. This has a lot of roots in old timey pseudo-science, some of it fun, some of it some bonkers eugenics stuff. I don't really have any interest in playing to that latter part, or the kind of hinted at 'maybe some of these were nazis but now its embarrassing.' Riva isn't here for it, and I've got no interest. Different branch of the sect. For those who haven't read about it, Daksha who reach their second attainment are three-eyed (one in the back of the head) hermaphroditic beings who can read the Akashic record. Literature also ascribes them being huge, and sometimes with four arms! They can change themselves between their true form, or force themselves into a male or female form. Obviously, that's a hell of a lot of gender fluidity. Riva was born this way (or partially), having had a parent who was Daksha. Pronouns can change around. They/them seems appropriate for someone who is both male and female and beyond both, but for the early part of Riva's life they also tended to outwardly present somewhat female simply for convenience and avoiding scrutiny, so is comfortable with she/her pronouns, or he/him when presenting in a more masculine aspect, and I may just cycle them, for fun or no real reason.


Dot black.pngMage: Awakened to the path of the Mighty, an Obrimos, and a practitioner of Daksha-Yoga. Soon, the Age of Strife shall end.

Dot black.pngArrow: Not the most common choice for a member of the Advent, but Riva is from a lineage of them that finds focus in physical control to the purposes of enlightenment.

Dot black.pngUrban Explorer: Enjoys going around finding new and interesting places.


TheGates.jpgNAME - Will say something here at some point.

TheGates.jpgNAME - Will say something here at some point.

TheGates.jpgNAME - Will say something here at some point.

TheGates.jpgNAME - Will say something here at some point.


No logs have been posted yet.





Mage the awakening.pngOrder adamantine arrow.pngLegacy obrimos daksha.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Riva Anand
Appears As: Riva
Birth Date: March 6th, 1996
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Yoga practitioner
Urban Explorer
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Mage
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Daksha
Cabal: TBD
Shadow Name: Ashra

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
Athletics ••••
Brawl ••••
Occult ••••
Giant ••••
Slayer •••


'Flobots ~ Defend Atlantis
We flow like water across the lost city
Chalk prophecies and wash off graffiti.
And continents, trade off for pay-off,
And high concepts, then lost to chaos.