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full name
Reign Taylor
place of birth
date of birth
June 1st
apparent age
Mid 20's
Sometime Author (Fame 1)
Occult: Urban Legends
Empathy: People Watching
Investigation: Academic Research
Mind Reading
Reign-drop.pngReign-drop.pngReign-drop.pngReign-drop.png (Hikaon-Ur's Blood)
tribal affinity
Hunters in Darkness


“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.”
Common Knowledge

Reign Taylor wrote her first book, Stolen Princess, on a whim at the tender age of 19.. and it didn't begin life as a magnum opus, by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, it started out as smutty fan-fiction posted in an online forum that, clearly striking a nerve, amassed something of a hipster cult following and was eventually picked up by a publisher. The book was an unexpected success, as have been the numerous series that followed. As of 2020 more than two million copies of her irreverent, 'trashy' works had been sold worldwide, and translated into twelve languages.

Owing to their diversity of settings Reign's writings meander through a number of romance subgenres, including medieval, Regency, western, Viking - even science fiction - but all have a common basis in European mythology and the supernatural. Her stories have been heavily criticised for what has been viewed as absurd and clichéd characterisations, poor structure and pacing, unrealistic plotting, and generally bad writing. They have also been accused of perpetuating outdated and problematic notions about the role of women in relationships. But hey.. they said the same about Twilight, right?


Slender to the point of waifish, all long limbs and angles, this tall and statuesque young woman still has an undeniable hint of the petulant adolescent about her. Vaguely leonine, with a broad, slightly upturned nose and the feline tilt of her big eyes – a rare shade of smoky grey-blue beneath dense, arching brows - and a full-lipped, sulky mouth, Reign's expression tends toward one of polite detachment more often than not. Her hair, naturally a dark ash blonde but currently a faded turquoise reminiscence of formerly vibrant blue dye, is shorn blunt and messy to her collarbone, perpetually tousled with shorter wisps in front that often stray into her face in a devil-may-care fashion. She carries herself with an air of indifferent grace, not deliberately seeking to draw attention to herself it would seem and unperturbed if and when it does fall her way. A fair, peaches and cream complexion suggests a life spent largely indoors, despite the lean muscle apparent in her oddly predatory mannerisms here and there. Overall, 'delicate' may be the best descriptor.

Roleplay Hooks


  • Fallcoast Native: Born and raised! If you're in the 25-30 bracket, maybe you crossed paths during high school or at the University?
  • Poor Lil Rich Girl: Everyone knows the Taylors aren't short of a buck. What's she got to look so sour about all the damn time...
  • Recognise the name?: An eccentric (and not very talented) author of 'Mass-Produced MagicSmut™' with something of a cult following.


  • Hikaon-Ur's Blood: Yes, she's a wolfblood. The first in her family in several generations, actually. At least the few Uratha she's encountered don't look at her like she has two heads. Of all the Forsaken, the Meninna respect the need for individual space. While newcomers are introduced, they are not surrounded and suffocated by clamoring associates who all want to be the best of friends.
  • Something Wicked: this way comes.. Reign has a sixth sense that alerts her to the presence of spirits and Uratha, though it isn’t anything she can see or hear.
  • The Voices Made Me Do It: When under stress, or frustration — or sometimes just at random — Reign doesn’t sleep. Instead, her spirit leaves her body and runs around causing mischief and violence.


  • Non Believer: Despite being a powerful psychic in her own right, Reign dismisses the entire idea as nonsensical. She'll keep taking the meds. Well, unless someone educates her to the contrary. Sound fun?


I'm gonna to fit in
I'm on the list, I'm gonna to get in
Haven't you heard, don't you know who I am
I'm with the Joneses, I'm their best friend

Are you insane like me?
Been in pain like me?
Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me?
Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me?

You could be the corpse and I could be the killer
If I could be the devil, you could be the sinner
You could be the drugs and I could be the dealer
Everything you say is like music to my, music to my ears

Well you hurt where you sleep and you sleep where you lie
Now you're in deep and now you're gonna cry
Got a woman to your left and a boy to your right
You start to sweat so hold me tight..