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xxxxx This small girl has long, straight auburn hair with bangs cut to frame her heart shaped face. Adorning her ears are a pair of seed pearl earrings that dangle a gold star with a crescent moon hanging off two of the star bottom points. Her pale face has make up that enhances her beauty and makes her sapphire blue eyes seem quite large. Fastened to her slender neck is a crimson silk choker with a gold and diamond crescent moon at the center of the front.

xxxxxAdorning her slender body is a student black leather bolero jacket with a white crop top t-shirt under it. Both the jacket and t-shirt accent her very slightly larger than average chest. On the front of the t-shirt is a graphic of Sebastian from Black Butler'. The jacket and top leave her flat stomach visible. Around one wrist is a charm bracelet with the various marks of the Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon. Around the other are little images of the characters from Ouran High School Host Club. Her fingers have long nails that are painted a dark red.

xxxxxA black leather belt with a buckle of Cross Academy from Vampire Knight. The belt is secured by the belt loops of the pleated, plaid skirt that comes to just above the knees. The bleck and red skirt has a subtle flare to it. Garter belt straps disappear under the skirt and hold up a pair of fishnet stockings. A pair mid-calf high boots with a several inch wide heel finish off the outfit. They have multiple buckles to secure them to her long legs and feet.

RP Hooks
  • Rebel is an immortal that has 'lived' since 7000 BC. She might be physically young but her spirit is very old.
  • Being born, growing old, dying, then being born again is Rebel's life (Reborn)
  • A comic book store is what Rebel owns (Fantastical Finds).
  • Rebel pretends like she works at Red Dragon Saloon but, really, as she does is goes there to distract Gwydion and /sometimes/ actually help out.
  • Rebel is a member of the Nicks Family family.
  • Rebel does cosplay, including making costumes. Feel free to be someone who trees to get her work.
  • Rebel LOVES anime and most of her clothing reflects that.
  • Rebel dresses as a punky person but it is at odds with her love of anime.


  • Dion is her love and the man she's had a steady relationship with for many years (Sometimes she was married to another due to memory things).
  • Ann has been a family member at multiple points in both of their past lives. She is also a Reborn.
  • Amala is the mother of Rebel, at least of her life as Rebel. She is a Blood Bather.
  • Mystery is another parent of Rebel. Mystery is a Body Thief.
  • Jayde is Rebel's younger sister. At least in this life. She is a Psychic Beastkin.

xxxxxReincarnation. That is a thing that Rebel understands, at least when she remembers all of her past lives, of which there are many. She has so many of them.

xxxxxThe first life of Rebel was in Greece in the 7000 BC, give or take a few years. Her first life she became a priestess of Aphrodite and in her desire to serve her Goddess again and again she took the steps to become an immortal. Her next life she was the child of a noble and married another noble. Every life she had she was someone different. Even, on occasion, she was a male. It varied between being a beggar to being royalty. Sometimes she would die young, others old, sometimes it would be somewhere in between. The ages varied but, ultimately, she managed to do what she needed to do to assure she was reborn. She was also often reborn in various places, from new countries to small towns or villages to large cities.

xxxxxEach life started out without her knowing who she was then something would happen to trigger the start the return of her memories. Sometimes it was when she was quite young, others she was older. The first few times of her resurrections she didn't write down what it was she did to assure her reincarnation but since it cut it very close she started to write it all down during her second life and entrusted the tome with someone she knew would take care of her information and assure she got it when she came for it. This was the life she was born to a middle class family as the child of a butcher and a baker. Rebel was their daughter who was a candlestick maker. Where she was born was in the historic land of the Welsh, Wales. It was there she met the man who would protect her Reborn tome. Each time her life drew towards its end she would leave her tome with him.

xxxxxHer most recent life, as Rebel, she was born to a family that was pretty poor and she took on various jobs to help pay the bills. She, of course, took on skills of her previous lives.

Rebel Nicks
Date of Birth: December 12, 1999
Apparent Age: Late teens early 20's
Occupation: Cosplaying Bar Tender
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride

Immortality: Reborn
Employment: Red Dragon Saloon
Business: Fantastical Finds

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

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