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Name: Rebecca Marie Royse
D. O. B.: March 10 1991
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Heiress
Hobby: Occultism
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Template: Thaumaturge
Path: Ceremonial Magician

Striking Looks:
Fame: • (Eccentric Old Money)


  • Local: Old Money. Once an influential and wealthy family, now in steep decline. She is the last of her line, and while she still has some money and a membership to the country club, a boat, and plaques with her family name here and there, it's all faded and dusty glamour.
  • Socialite: She goes to a few of the right events. The nicer ones. Charity and fund-raisers for things like museums and libraries.
  • Academics: She went to Dartmouth, where she studied comparative religion and philosophy, with a minor in art history. She's still a very interested hobbyist student of these matters, and may attend lectures at the University, or frequent the library and museums.
  • Occultist: She is a thaumaturge, a ceremonial magician in an eclectically western tradition. Antique tomes, mythic artefacts, careful rituals, long hours going over astrological conjunctions and dead languages. She may be a familiar face to the right sort of person, who frequents the right sort of shops and merchants.


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