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xxxxxHaving been in and out of Fallcoast for a few years, Stephen Ransom seems like an odd duck for a Crone despite having been part of the Covenant for many years. Almost stereotypically Ventrue, this aristocrat is a product of Victorian money and influence. Although on the surface he may sometimes seem stuck up and arrogant there's something about him that suggests something entirely less wholesome behind closed doors. He's rarely seen without one of a stable of companions, assistants, drivers, bodyguards. There's staff for every occasion and they're all exceptionally well trained.


  • London, England
    Stephen is from London, and travels there frequently. He's been in Fallcoast on and off since around 2016 but appears to have strong ties to his homeland. Contacts from mid 19th to mid 20th Century London are an option.
  • Spirituality
    Ransom is not an obvious Crone, but practices his own form of obscure spirituality and he is keen on understanding the paradigms of other cults. Creation and Tribulation are close to Ransom's heart, and his conception of divinity is closely related to the hive mind that he is growing. Ransom is very capable in Cruac, and serves as the Primogen for the Circle.
  • King Bee
    Ransom is a Melissidae. This is not common IC knowledge, and he does not overtly advertise this fact. He is nearly always attended by some of his drones who have a variety of fake personalities to ease acceptance into society. He is hunting for suitable additions to the hive mind, but this is not a case of taking whoever is available - the additions to the hive are carefully selected to bring the hive consciousness closer to divinity.
  • Person of Quality
    Ransom is wealthy, well bred, old money and can be considered a proper cunt by anyone with a vague semblence of class consciousness. High society or rich tie-ins welcome.
  • Politics_OK
    Ransom is a Ventrue, almost painfully so. He is not at all opposed to politics and is open to making moves. He is fiercely dedicated to the Circle of the Crone but also has an obnoxious affinity to his kin in the Ventrue. He is a Primogen and open to meeting with anyone to discuss whatever might be on their mind.
  • Alvaerium House
    Ransom's estate is called Alvaerium House, and is located in Hyacinth Ridge so there may be neighbourly interests for the rich or famous. Someone from the hive certainly attends all of the meetings of local do-gooders, associations, neighbourhood watch groups, city discussions and so forth.
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Stephen Ransom


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“Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person”
- Mark Twain
vital statistics
Full Name: Stephen Ransom
Appears As: Ransom
Apparent Age: 30ish
Occupation: Investor. Or something.
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Greed
Sphere: Vampire
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Melissidae
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
““"I feel like something's gonna happen. And, if I scratch the surface, there'll be something terrible underneath."” ― ”
~ Bill Whitney, Society
notable stats
Cruac •••••
Divination •••••
Blood Potency •••
Good Breeding
““We seek to uncover behind the events changes in the collective consciousness. We reject wholesale references to the “spontaneity” of the movement, references which in most cases explain nothing and teach nobody. Revolutions take place according to certain laws. This does not mean that the masses in action are aware of the laws of revolution, but it does mean that the changes in mass consciousness are not accidental, but are subject to an objective necessity which is capable of theoretic explanation, and thus makes both prophecy and leadership possible.””
- Leon Trotsky; A History of the Russian Revolution
Expression Speeches
Persuasion Benefit Realisation
Occult Spiritual Philosophy
“Yes, this is the consensus we have created. Our unity will soon be absolute. The remaining boundaries are vanishing. Yes. Share your mind with everyone. Open yourself. Your needs are the needs of all. Let us understand and be transformed, yes, transform each other and transform yourselves. The only frontier that has ever existed is the self. Helios has spoken.”
~ Deus Ex: Invisible War

Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope

Withered rope you hang what's empty can't remain to put it simply
In time cry the hollow words to sing with false disguise
Smothered hope fly from sorrow for a new divine tomorrow