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“The warrior's approach is to say yes to life: yea to it all.”

– Joseph Campbell


xxxxxA native Californian born to a long line of Mexica people, descendants of the ancient Aztecs, Rafael grew up immersed in the stories, myths, and religion of his ancestors. His immigrant parents, Mexican by birth, were either kin to or actual ferals devoted to the god Huitzilopochtli, the hummingbird of the South. Believing themselves to be the returned souls of fallen Aztec warriors given flesh again, they are a militant and violent people. Rafael was trained from a young age in the art of war and combat, prepared for the physical life of a warrior. He didn't do well in mundane schools for the most part, though excelled in his art. At home was where his true schooling occurred - the way of his people, the expectations and duties placed upon his shoulders, the realities of the first change and when it may come.

xxxxxThe first change came at an inopportune time for Rafael - while enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Most of it was covered up or forgotten but he was left with several assault charges, found guilty at his court-martial, and dishonorably discharged. Shamed, he left home and dedicated himself to his love of art by taking up tattoo inking. He's wandered from East Los Angeles all the way to Maine, found a job as an inker, and is ready to fight for his people and Nature itself against the dominion of man.

RP Hooks
  • Changing Breed - a fierce hummingbird warrior and assassin. Don't let the small size fool you.
  • Chicano - he's very proud of his heritage to the point of dismissing the accomplishments of others. This makes him discriminatory at times.
  • Tattoo artist - specializing in traditional methods and covered with his own fair share of tattoos, Rafael is now independent and mostly does house calls.
  • Macho Taco - the owner of the Mexican restaurant in Moosetown [A02]. Best Mexican food in town, worst owner. But it's cheap if you can tolerate his abuse.
  • Crazy motherfucker - he is one. Has a temper. Inferiority complex. Need to prove himself. He can be a bit of a madman.
Friends, enemies, contacts - mostly enemies, eventually
  • Jade - Friend, provider of odd jobs
  • Zillah - spooky hot, pretty good friend and partner in crime
Forms, Tattoos, Etc

Rafael2.jpg Right shoulder Left shoulder and arm War form???

Rafael Zapotitla
Except with tattoos!
Date of Birth: May 24, 1995
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Tattoo artist/bomb maker
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust

Breed: Wing-Folk
Species: Gente Alada
Accord: Heart-Ripper
Band: None yet
Deity: Huitzilopochtli

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

Go we need some, go we need some action!
If we're gonna make it like a true survivor
We need some action!
If we wanna take our love away from here
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East End - Smack my bitch up
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