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House Rules

xxxxxThis is for various House Rules for Promethean.



  • As Promethean was written prior to the release of Changeling: the Lost, and Geist: the Sin-Eaters, the following materials have been listed for the Essence of (Material), (Material) Shield, and (Material) Warding to accommodate those two spheres.
    • Essence of Thorns, Thorns Shield, and Thorns Warding is for affecting Changeling powers.
    • Essence of Flesh, Flesh Shield, and Flesh Warding is for affecting Sin-Eater Powers.
    • As it indicates in the book, a character cannot take Essence of Flesh or Essence of Thorns without having a power from a member of one of those spheres used on them before-hand.
    • Mask of Thorns: the character appears to be a Changeling, with their Disfigurements becoming visible to Changelings as though it were the Promethean's Mien. Like other Masks, this also causes the Promethean to appear to have a Wyrd score equal to their Azoth.
    • Mask of Flesh: With Mask of Flesh, the Promethean appears to have a Geist possessing them, with their Azoth doubling for Psyche. Any Athanor the Promethean has takes on the aspect of a Keystone or Charm. They also bear Deathmarks that make them look as though they are of the Torn Threshold.
    • Cloak of Thorns: When views with aura reading, the Promethean's aura seems to be volatile, with rapidly changing colors like a Changeling.
    • Cloak of Flesh: A Promethean using this ability has an aura that has glimmering Plasm motes floating through it, indicating that they're a Sin-Eater.
    • Sense of Thorns: The Promethean gains the ability to see through the Mask to view a Changeling's Mien when using this power. They also can see Hedge Gates and any Hedge Beast Companions that are in the mortal world. They gain an ability similar to Kenning, which allows them to look at the true fae nature of an object by rolling Wits + Composure at a range of (Azoth x 10) yards.
    • Sense of Flesh: The Promethean gains Death Sight as though he has used Ephemeral Gaze. He also gains the ability to use a Sin-Eater's Clinical Precision for a scene, as well as the ability to see Deathmarks on others. This allows him to instinctively note Thresholds, and he can roll Wits+Composure to understand the way a corpse was killed.