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"You want justice? You'll get justice in the next world. In this world, we have the law."

▄▀ Overview ▀▄

Priya grew up in Portland, Maine, the daughter of a neurosurgeon who expected no less of her in terms of achievement. After graduating valedictorian from University of Maine and University of Maine Law School, Priya could have gone anywhere. She chose, however, to serve as a Public Defender and make the law work for the downtrodden. She relocated to Fallcoast from Portland to get away from a relentless stalker whom she defended on disorderly conduct charges when she was interning at the Portland Public Defender's Office as a third-year law student. Though she is young and not long out of law school, her tireless efforts to defend the constitutional rights of the indigent have earned her a name, for better or for worse, among the legal and law enforcement communities of Fallcoast.

▄▀ Priya Manan, Esq. ▀▄
Date of Birth November 15th 1991
Apparent Age Early Twenties
Profession Public Defender
Virtue Justice
Vice Pride
▄▀ RP Hooks ▀▄
  • In Trouble with the Law?: Call the Public Defender's Office. Priya Manan, Esquire, works around the clock.
  • Are You Actually Guilty?: No sweat. You have Constitutional Rights either way, and I'm here to ensure that the racist, ageist Patriarchy doesn't ignore them.
▄▀ Description ▀▄

Priya is some ways, she still looks like a teenager. But in fact, this young woman has graduated college and law school, and passed the Maine bar exam. She has been working at the Fallcoast Public Defender's Office for a year, but is considered a rising star there. Her tireless efforts have not yet taken their toll on this young Desi beauty. She is of medium height (when she's in heels); has thick, long, sable hair that falls past her shoulder blades and shines black and blue in the artificial light of the courtrooms and law offices (when she hasn't got it up in a bun for those tireless nights of law library research); and is blessed with silky, copper-colored skin the color of the Thar Desert from where her ancestors came, on the border of India and Pakistan. But don't let her delicate facial features fool you, she is no fragile flower. She has seen more in her 25 years of life -- particularly in the last two years working in the law -- than most Mortals see in a lifetime.

Priya Manan, Esquire, always dresses professionally: a skirt suit, either tan (when she's interviewing clients) or navy blue (for the courtroom) and matching heels. She does not overdo her makeup, and never wears her bindi in court or for any legal functions, unless the function is hosted by an ethnic organization like the East Indian Bar Association (whose nearest chapter, unfortunately, is in Bangor). She indulges in one conceit, however, bangles. She wears bangle earrings, bangle necklaces (sometimes several), and at least half a dozen to a dozen bangle bracelets on each arm (and even a few on her ankles and a hoop nose ring if she's not in court). She also wears more rings on her fingers and toes at a time than most people own.

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