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Possessed House Rules

House Rules

xxxxxThis page represents the collected house rules for the Possessed sphere. Some information pertinent to other spheres may also be found here.

Exorcism and Consent

Exorcising the demon of a Possessed character is a profound change akin to character death. If you do not have the OOC consent of the player whose character you are exorcising, the rules in +news PK apply.


xxxxxThe following section contains the current rules in use for Vestments pertaining to Possessed.

Special F/X

xxxxxVestments all have special effects. From marble skin to emit light, every Vestment offers ways in which it might impact the senses of characters. You may describe your Vestments. If you want rubbery skin rather than marble, you may choose to do so. Light emit from eyes may be a halo instead. Fire may be electricity or may be green. Your wings may have neon veins or black metallic feathers. Description changes of this nature will not change the nature of any Vestment or add special effects. Fire is still fire, regardless if it is ghostly pale or not.

Subbing Vestments

xxxxxWe use the Optional Rule (Subbing Vestments), pg 129 Inferno. A Player may choose to "sub out" 1 (one) Vestment for another of equal Vice and dot-rating. This requires an act of Sacrifice. The character begins by spending one day per Primary Vice preparing themselves for the new Vestment by fasting, flagellating or otherwise preparing for the change. The character suffers nightmares, sweats, suffers spontaneous nosebleeds and other ailments, and then finally makes the Sacrifice wherein the Character causes a number of lethal points of damage to one living creature equal to 10 minus Morality in Size. (Characters of higher Morality get away with sacrificing smaller creatures such as bats and rats where Characters with lower Morality must sacrifice horses, bears, and human beings). This requires a PrP with a Storyteller and a Morality check may be involved depending on the Morality of the Character.

xxxxxBecause Vestments can be changed in a Respec, there is no need to charge 5 XP for Subbing. However, Morality will be strictly enforced in the Sacrifice PrP and a maximum of 3 Subs can take place in 6 months. Subs will be tracked in the XP Log.

Vestments by Vice


Tainted Countenance
xxxxxThe transfer of the taint includes the aura signifier of demonic pacts. The user is still affected by the Social penalties of having demonic pacts, but the target is as well. Unseen Sense or the like would ping Demonic for the victim of Tainted Countenance, while the Possessed would not, for the Vestment's duration (scene, etc). This includes use of powers such as Auspex, Mage Sight or any power or merit that would detect a Demonic/Tainted presence being used against the Possessed while this Vestment is active. They would appear to be a normal mortal until the Vestment wears off, is dropped or is otherwise not in use.

Anything You Can Do...
xxxxxAnything You Can Do uses the base pool to compare between characters. For example, if the Werewolf leader Bjornin the Brave moves to swing his Fetish axe at the Possessed Hans, he must construct his pool out of the Possessed Hans's own pool. For example: Hans has Strength 3, Weaponry 1, with no specialty in axes. Bjornin now possesses Strength 3, Weaponry 1, and no specialty in axes for the roll.

xxxxxIt is possible with Anything You Can Do to deprive someone of the capacity to wield their weapon effectively. For example: As the above Bjornin's axe requires Strength 6 to wield effectively, but Bjornin has only Strength 3 for his attack and will be penalized for no longer meeting the Strength Requirement of his Fetish weapon and makes his attack at a -1 penalty.

xxxxxThe attacker can use modifiers such as a Relic power, and bonuses such as a flaming weapon, that are available, regardless of whether the Possessed shares in these, but only those modifications or bonuses that are not a result of increased Attribute or Skill dice. 9-again, 8-again, and Rote qualities remain the same, as do bonuses for Willpower expenditures.

xxxxxAnything You Can Do does not alter the dice pool of powers such as Dominate or Forces telekinesis. However, it does affect pools such as Shadowing or Interrogation, and another character's ability to Dodge or use Supernatural Resistance. Furthermore, penalties to these pools can still occur such as poor visibility, cover, or special vulnerability to a substance.

Mortal Shell
xxxxxMortal Shell is used to mimic the likeness of another. The description reads 'any person.' It does not yield powers or knowledge, per se, but the Demon does impart 'walks, talks, looks, dresses and acts' like said person to the point where Nears and Dears have trouble not being fooled. Use of other Vestments may help in the simulation of Skill rolls that are untrained or lower in value than the character mimicked. (For example, the Mortal shell of Michael Jordan will be large, muscular, and a snappy dresser who plays Pro B-Ball, and use of Might Makes Right may give you the dice you needed to succeed at a few Athletics Skill rolls although you have Athletics 0).

xxxxxAlternately, you can use Mortal Shell to enact a kind of 'partial change,' selecting one part of your body to mimic the look of someone else. This can be any part of your body, as the demon will simply mold the clay of the host-form to look how it wishes. What this means is that you'd be able to walk into a building, cause some havoc or chaos, and then you'd be able to change your face instead of your whole body, and walk straight back out. You can also do this to build on certain aspects of your character, such as gaining the arms of a body-builder you've seen and looking like you're incredibly strong (and thus gaining some potential intimidation bonuses), and so on for as long as the Investment is active. Despite adjusting your body, the book's rules still stand – Mortal Shell doesn't adjust your stats, just your appearance.

Repudiate Faith
xxxxxAny character with Morality 8 or higher within three yards of the Possessed or who attempts to move within three yards has her Speed reduced to one. Blessed weapons/Banes lose their potency and begin to flake away, losing 1 point of Structure/Potency each turn until rendered useless. This aura of denial manifests as a thin, ground-hugging fog that dims ambient light.


Gourmand's Grotesquerie
xxxxxA poison effect may deal lethal or bashing damage as the user chooses, while a drug effect may be chosen from the drugs listed in the core book (p. 176) and grant a bonus or penalty of up to +/-2 according to the effects of the variety of drug (for example, alcohol affected by this Vestment gives -3 to Dexterity, Intelligence, or Wits-based dice pools, and +3 to social rolls to a maximum of +5). The poison or drug is a magical substance that loses its potency one scene after the Vestment ends. On account of its magic, it can affect organic beings that don't have a living metabolism but ingest it anyway (in the case of drugs, the victim must have a mind to be altered).

xxxxxIn addition, because the actual ingredients of any drugs are not used in the cooking of the meal, the drugs are scientifically undetectable in anything that is cooked, and no drugs would show up in the bloodstream of anyone who consumed the meal.

xxxxxA character may spend an additional Willpower point to make this a permanent change rather than last for one scene after the Vestment ends.


Bribing the Soul
xxxxxOnce per session (24 hours) a single dot of Resources may be used for a chosen effect which remains spent for a single Chapter (one week). In this fashion it is possible to spend up to five Resources buying power on five chosen effects (but only one effect in 24 hours).

xxxxxFor tracking purposes, please create a Note: Bribing the Soul

1. February 28, 2014, choice, recovery on March 7, 2014. Res 4
2. March 01, 2014, choice, recovery on March 8, 2014. Res 3
3. March 03, 2014, choice, recovery on March 10, 2014. Res 2
4. March 07, 2014, recovery 1 Resources.
5. March 09, 2014, choice, recovery on March 16, 2014. Res 2

xxxxxBribing the Soul can be used as often as the user can afford it. But their buying power will be adjusted up and down appropriately.

xxxxxThis power applies to all stages of the demonic pact process.


Cruel Ambrosia
xxxxxThe effects of the hallucinogen place a -2 penalty on the roll to resist them, all actions, perception rolls and Defense and last for (8 minus Stamina) hours, as per the drug rules on page 177 of The World of Darkness. The hallucinations caused by Cruel Ambrosia are profoundly soothing; instead of a penalty, they grant a bonus to Composure-based rolls and any use of Composure as a resistance trait. (For clarity, Wits + Composure rolls are Wits-based, not Composure-based, while Composure + Wits rolls are Composure-based.) The Cruel Ambrosia is a magical substance that loses its potency one Scene after the Vestment ends. On account of its magic, it can affect organic beings that don't have a living metabolism but have a mind (such as vampires and revenants and particularly self-aware zombies).


Armor of Contempt
xxxxxBanes/Blessed Item (or Weapon) attacks do damage normally.

Chain of Command
xxxxxDemons engaged in a Supreme Possession Manifestation Condition that is Open cannot be so ordered. UPDATE: This vestment works on any demon with a rank less than your own demon's rank.

The Deadliest of Sins
xxxxxThe blood of the Possessed becomes shot through with strains of poison with the purchase of this Vestment. The poison is lethal, at even a single drop, and causes the Poisoned Tilt when contact occurs in combat.

xxxxxEffect: A grave poison has come into contact with a victim, causing twice Pride Vice in lethal damage for a turn. Outside of combat, standard rules for handling poisons and toxins take precedent: see below.

xxxxxCause: It is possible for the victim to not know that he has been poisoned, if the drop of blood has been put into a drink for example. However, when used in combat the poison requires an Instant Brawl action to inflict it on another, where the blood is smeared on the victim to deal twice Pride in lethal damage only once. Attempting to inject the blood into an opponent with a dart or syringe is a Dexterity + Weaponry attack, suffering a penalty of -1 for the improvised weapon. Neither the Brawl nor Weaponry attack deal damage with successes - only the poison damage is dealt in both cases.

xxxxxEnding the Tilt: Short of immediate medical attention, the Tilt ends after a turn in case of contact. Only injection or ingestion requires medical attention: during combat the victim has to struggle on, rolling Stamina + Resolve as a reflexive action each turn that the character is poisoned. Each Success counteracts the damage for one turn.

xxxxxOutside of combat, a character who is the victim of The Deadliest of Sins suffers lethal damage once in a single hour after ingestion or injection if untreated or not purged. To resist this damage, the player rolls a reflexive Stamina + Resolve - twice Pride Vice Toxicity. Each success reduces the damage taken by one. Medical attention can be used to help mend damage but no anti-venom exists to cure the toxin.

xxxxxBlood taken from the Possessed remains toxic outside the body in contact with air for only one turn. If extracted, such as by syringe, the poison remains Toxic only for the Scene. Note: In combat, a character must have received 1 lethal wound to expose enough blood for use in the same turn (unless prepackaged). The timing on this is critical: A character cannot use an Instant action to self-inflict and then reflexively attack in the same turn. Therefore, the likely vector with a Brawl attack requires the character to take 1 Lethal hit in a turn first - to get the blood flowing enough to wield - turning around on their action and delivering the Brawl attack that contains blood to smear. This means a character cannot smear their blood on a blade and attack the next turn hoping to deliver a toxic attack.

xxxxxFinally, there is no 'blood spray' poisoning with The Deadliest of Sins such as being attacked and 'spraying blood' on people. Storytellers should be wary of any request for blood contact that is not inherently attached in combat to one of the two above attack rolls.

xxxxxWhile it is possible to take Burnout on Denial, doing so with a full track of aggravated damage causes the user's body to tear itself apart. The user is still alive, but in unimaginable pain as the torments of Hell wrack his body and soul. No sane person could put himself through that and come out on the other side, so taking Burnout on Denial marks a departure from sanity and humanity no less grave than Morality 0 (and considerably nastier). That is to say, if a PC reaches the end of Denial's duration, he either gives up and dies or becomes an NPC. The latter case usually ends when the demon wrests control and ends Denial so that it can use a Manifestation Condition and attempt to find a new host.

Dominant Sphere
xxxxxThe sphere is forever bound to the Vestment unless the character spends the effort to sub out the Vestment for itself (see Inferno p. 129).

Gloating Flesh
xxxxxThe drawback of this Vestment is that, after using Infernal power to heal flesh even once with Gloating Flesh, the very skin of the Possessed becomes corrupted. Thereafter, for as long as the Possessed has the Vestment Gloating Flesh on their sheet any wounds cased by Banes/Blessed Items (or Blessed Weapons) do the same damage for the Possessed as they do for the Demons: Attempting to come into contact with them requires a Willpower point and a successful Resolve + Composure roll with a dice penalty equal to the Rank/Potency of the item. Touching the item causes 1 level of aggravated damage per turn and will temporarily turn the Supreme Possession Condition from Open to Closed unless the Possessed succeeds in a roll of Vices in dice (which must be repeated every turn of contact). If the item is used as a weapon the wounds suffered are aggravated with a damage Rating equal to the Rank/Potency of the item. For all intents and purposes, upon a single use of Gloating Flesh, the Possessed is treated as being in the Exorcism state. (See Exorcism HR above.)

Goeth Before Destruction
xxxxxAs Goeth Before Destruction is considered 'magical armor,' ignore the passage in the book that states: This does not stack with other forms of mundane armor, however. (Inferno, p. 140) Like any type of magical armor used by any sphere, Goeth Before Destruction stacks with mundane armor normally.

xxxxxThe Mask of a Changeling is a powerful illusion that is nearly impenetrable. With Lightbringer active, the Possessed can pierce the Mask as if it does not affect the character at all. For all intents and purposes he is one of the seventh generation. See p 73 Rites of Spring for details. Once Lightbringer has expired, the Possessed can no longer see the Mien of a Changeling and sees the Mask as normal.

xxxxxAt the time this Vestment is purchased, the character must pick one Skill. Any time that character uses this Skill to pursue her primary Vice or to perform an action specifically in line with the demon’s wishes, that action becomes a rote action (see p. 134, World of Darkness Rulebook). Supremacy may not be used on any Skill roll involving combat of any kind and is therefore not available for purchase with Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry, and does not apply to combat applications of Skills such as Athletics, Intimidation or Occult. The Skill chosen is forever bound to the Vestment unless the character spends the effort to sub out the Vestment for itself (see Inferno p. 129).


xxxxxThose caught within the area of effect suffer from the Severe Derangement of Melancholia. The derangement's effects end if a subject leaves that radius.


xxxxxBurnout damage occurs normally. The Vestment lasts a scene (clarification, not HR). Banes/Blessed Items (or Weapons) ignore the damage restriction of Juggernaut and inflict wounds normally.

Surprise, You're Dead
xxxxxThis Vestment only works on one opponent per turn.

Might Makes Right
xxxxxThis Vestment activates on the turn the final point of Infernal Will is spent. If you wish to spend only one it activates immediately, two or three and it activates on the second or third turn respectively.

Assorted Rules

Assorted Rules

xxxxxThis section contains assorted rules for clarification purposes.

Becomings vs. Unbecomings

xxxxxI is not necessary for your Possessed to be Exorcised to remove the Template any longer. A Player can choose to participate in a PrP, under Staff supervision, to remove the Possessed Template and return to the Mortal Sphere. What you do from there is up to you and other Spheres. Not all Possessed relationships have to end in bloodshed and demons are free to trade-up to a better host and a better chance at Malapraxis successes if they feel their current relationship is ill-fitting.


xxxxxWe no longer use the Fiery Damnation (optional). Inferno book, lower left, page 148.

xxxxxBurnout is covered on page 147 of Inferno.

  • Each time a Possessed foregoes Willpower   or cannot afford to spend Willpower   he runs the risk of suffering a Burnout.
    • The Possessed rolls Resolve + Stamina each turn to maintain control.
    • This roll suffers a cumulative -1 penalty for each turn the Vestment remains active.
  • Each time a Possessed wishes to extend the duration of a Greater Vestment he runs the same risk of Burnout.
    • The same roll applies.
    • The same cumulative -1 penalty for each turn the Vestment remains active beyond its natural duration applies.
  • Failing a Burnout roll results in 1L for each dot in your Primary Vice, that can only be avoided by sacrificing a permanent dot of Willpower (which can be repurchased with Experience). The manner in which this damage manifests is obvious and examples are on page 147.

Contest of Wills

xxxxxThe Contest of Wills. Often misunderstood, the Contest of Wills is a required part of the Sphere, just as Frenzy is in Vampire, Kuruth is in Werewolf, or Bedlam is in Mage. Your character - one of the Possessed - is in direct odds with the devil inside at all times. As thinking, living beings, we strive to make free choices and to control our destinies, and even the Possessed like to believe they are in control. Willpower is one of their strongest Traits (in all but the strangest cases), and most Possessed are in control over themselves, even in spite of having made a deal to share their life with a demon.

xxxxxSometimes a situation becomes irreconcilable. The demon wants and the Possessed doesn't! When such a conflict arises, and the demon demands an action - the use of a Vestment, Burnout, an act that might draw unwanted attention, or embarrassment, the satisfying of a Vice for Infernal Will, etc. - then the conflict is resolved through the Contest of Wills.

  • Roll: Resolve + Composure versus the sum total of ALL Vice dots.
  • Action: Extended! Contested! Each roll is one TURN of internal struggle.
  • Target: Your demon must reach a number of successes equal to your Morality score. YOU must reach a number of successes equal to your Morality score from 10. So a Possessed with a Morality of 3 must earn 7 successes!
    • Willpower: The Possessed may spend 1 Willpower per turn to add 2 dice to the Contest of Wills. The demon may spend 1 Infernal Will per turn to add 2 dice to the Contest of Wills.
    • Dramatic Failure: If you, or the demon, suffer a dramatic failure, you lose the Contest of Wills automatically.
    • Exceptional Success: If you, or the demon, manage an exceptional success, you gain control and win the Contest of Wills automatically. In addition, add +2 to the next Contest of Wills, next time it comes about in a Scene.

xxxxxWhichever of you reaches your Target number of successes first effectively takes control for the rest of the Scene, and there are things to keep in mind:

  • Morality: Demons are not, by nature, moral. YOU suffer degeneration for any Sin your demon carries out while in control during the Scene.
  • Total Control: If the demon wins this roll for control, you may not attempt to wrest control for the remainder of the Scene, under any condition.
  • Suicide is Forbidden: The demon cannot force the Possessed to commit to any action that is obviously suicidal. You cannot be thrown under the bus with all your Vestments turned off. You can fight a powerful Diabolus with your Vestments. The demon can also force the Possessed to take non-lethal, bashing damage, such as head butting a bathroom mirror, or punching a door. The demon can also force the Possessed to utilize Burnout.


xxxxxSo Immortals recently added the option of creating formalized PC groups similar to cabals; this is pretty cool and I know that a lot of you already associate, but the ability to formalize would be pretty awesome, too. So I've decided we're gonna go ahead and do that. If you want to have a channel for your IC cabal-like group, and 5 XP for forming one, and make a wikipage, put in a +request. If you form a group, known as a 'Clutch,' with 3+ people, you each get 5 XP. If your group has an up-to-date wikipage, I'll give each member another 1 XP, mined with care from the XP mines of Bolivia.

Infernal Will

xxxxxInfernal Will counts as Willpower for most purposes, but it cannot be used in place of Willpower when a dot of Willpower (that is, a permanent sacrifice of Will) is called for; when it comes to sacrificing some of her personality, the host is on her own. A Possessed character with no dots (again, permanent) of Willpower comes entirely under the control of her demon and, unless action is taken to restrain her, will quickly degenerate to Morality 0 and become an irredeemable monster.
xxxxxWe use the Double Down Optional on page 121. You may spend two willpower per turn, with some very important caveats.

  • One willpower must be yours, and one willpower must come from your Infernal Will.
  • In addition, it must be in line with your demon's wishes.
  • FURTHERMORE, this does not allow you to trigger two lesser vestments in one turn (That is an instant action.) but it will allow you to trigger a greater vestment in one turn. Just remember to roll to control the power or suffer your Burnout damage when using Infernal Will to power vestments.


  1. You may not pact with your possessing demon. If you pact with a demon and it later possesses you, it is unable to maintain the pact, and all of the pact's benefits disappear.
  2. Pacts cannot be made with Twilight Familiars or any other demon which is under the control of a PC. If a Familiar has been approved with Create Pact, please contact staff to change it for another numen.


xxxxxA demon which has once possessed one PC cannot possess another PC. We could put window-dressing on why this ICly won't happen, but the fact is: it's simply too open to abuse and issues. We've decided we're not going to allow it. Sorry!

Strength In Numbers

xxxxxThe Optional Rule: Strength In Numbers from p. 154 is pretty awesome, and we're using it.

Unseen Sense

xxxxxPossessed can see (roughly) where demons are and occasionally what they look like, even without an ability to look into Twilight. They can detect one another and people under the effects of other possession Numina and know immediately when they cross into the area of a Malus Locus. They don't necessarily have any ability to detect Vestments, desecrated places, or the effects of demonic Numina, Influences or pacts, but Storyteller fiat may allow the more psychically sensitive Possessed to feel something.

Possessed v. Wards

xxxxxOvercoming wards (whether they be mage, purified, etc) generally puts the power's activation roll against the wards strength, or the ward-creator's activation roll. Possessed are uniquely capable of using powers that affect others without an activation roll. If a ward would stop a Possessed from being able to use a power and the power does not have an activation/attack/etc roll, and the power is not innate, the Possessed will roll Primary-Vice + Resolve vs the strength of the ward unless specified differently below. If the roll succeeds, the vestment will activate as it should.

Purified: Ward Against Magic

xxxxxPossessed attempting to activate a Lesser or Greater Vestment that does not have an activation roll within the ward, or effects people within the ward must first roll their Demon's Power attribute against the Warder's Reflexive Roll. If the roll is successful the Vestment works without penalty, failure means it does not effect those within the ward. Innate Vestments are not affected by Purified Wards due to their nature.

Character Vice vs Demon Vice

The character's Vice must be the same as the Vice of the demon. While Inferno allows for characters to have a different Vice from their demon, this is difficult to balance on a MUSH and so is not allowed.

Variant Vices for Characters

If your character has one of the variant vices (see Virtues and Vices), please list your character's Vice as the main vice -- IE, Pride instead of Arrogance -- in character generation. Then put a +note indicating your variant vice. This is because the Possessed book deals only in the main seven vices.

Death - The Grim Reaper

Death (Affinity and Rules)

Death was ruled in December of 2014 to no longer be a usable thing. Players how have Death listed as an affinity should contact staff to explain the change to your demon.

New Rule: Prestige

Demon Rank

xxxxxNOTE: Prestige is a new House Rule being tested out for our Sphere. Please use Prestige where applicable and open a job RE: PRESTIGE to offer your findings. (You succeeded at the attempt, failed, etc.)


xxxxxSometimes the Demon needs to express itself and show who is boss, in spite of hiding behind Possession. To reveal their Prestige, or Demonic Rank, the Demon needs to succeed at a Contest of Wills, exerting control over their host. Once the host is dominated the Demon is free to reveal itself in any way it chooses.

xxxxxRoll Rank plus Power. Note that Vestments and other bonuses do not apply. The victim has the choice to recoil or dominate.

xxxxxDominate: This represents an equal expression from another Demon. The Demon attempts to succeed at a Contest of Wills with a bonus equal to the successes of their opponent. If the Demon is of lesser Rank they must spend a Willpower (or Infernal Will). If successful, they too roll Rank and Power, unmodified.

  • If the aggressor has more successes, the victim gains the Shaken Condition.
  • If the opposition scores more successes, he turns the Prestige back on the aggressor. The opposition imposes the Shaken Condition on the aggressor instead.
    • Mortals and other creatures can fight the Prestige of any Demon, but they cannot impose the Shaken Condition on the Possessed.
  • If both characters achieve the same number of successes, the higher in Rank imposes their Condition unless there is a tie, in which case both impose their Conditions.

xxxxxRecoil: This represents a withdrawl from the challenge. It costs nothing and allows for a reasonable out from the situation. The oppressed gains the Frightened Condition until they leave the Scene. The Demon within looks inferior and foolish in the eyes of their fellows and there is nothing to stop the aggressor from attempting to pursue the victim regardless.

xxxxxPrestige can only be used once per Scene, meaning a Demon must choose carefully when to call upon their Rank. Doing so at the wrong time can pit every single Demon in an entire room of Possessed against the character.

Character Creation

Character Creation

xxxxxThis section is about information pertaining to your character creation.

Applications & Morality Loss

xxxxxWe use the optional Rule from Inferno that allows Morality to be sold down to 4 instead of 5 for a total of up to 15xp. Derangement rolls must be made for every level "sold" for starting XP.

Possession & Other Minor Templates

The effects of Possession on other Minor Templates are as follows:

  1. Beast-Kin: Beast-Kin may become Possessed but this disrupts the bond of blood permanently. Even if they are later exorcised they will not regain the Beast-Kin merit.
  2. Fae-Touched/Enchanted Mortals: Fae-Touched are not able to have pacts or become Possessed under any circumstances. The Possession simply doesn't 'take;' their souls are already too altered.
  3. Ghouls: Ghouls cannot become Possessed and remain ghouls; a demon won't agree to a host where it can't be number uno. A successful Possession ends ghouling and breaks extant blood bonds immediately. Possessed can be blood bound; they cannot be ghouled.
  4. Hunters: Once finalized, the effects of Possession on hunters will go here. We are not approving Possessed Hunters out of CG.
  5. Immortals: Immortals cannot become Possessed. Possessed may not become any variety of Immortal without first undergoing exorcism.
  6. Mortal+: Disrupts the ability of the psychic, medium, thaumaturge, etc. to access those powers while Possessed. May potentially regain these powers if s/he survives exorcism.
  7. Proximi: Proximi are not able to have pacts or become Possessed under any circumstances. The inherent magic in a Proximus' body prevents the Possession from 'taking.'
  8. Sleepwalker: A Sleepwalker who becomes Possessed loses the Sleepwalker merit and any M+ powers s/he may have. The merit may potentially be regained if s/he survives exorcism; this is at the sole discretion of the Mage TL. Additionally, it is a very bad idea for a Sleepwalker to become Possessed; they are likely to be killed.
  9. Wolf-Blooded: Wolf-bloods may become Possessed but this disrupts the bond of blood permanently. Even if they are later exorcised they will not regain the Wolf-blooded merit.

Possessed and other Major Templates

  1. Sin-Eaters: Sin Eaters are able to see the true age of the possessed.


xxxxxA collection on changes to Merits.

Animal Familiar Merit

xxxxx With the House Merit of Animal Retainer we will be adopting the same system but with a different name (obviously). Along with the verbiage of the Animal Familiar merit found in Inferno on pg 125 as follows:

NOTE: These are basic bonuses found in the original write up of Animal Familiar in Inferno on page 25

1) The animal in question can look different than it's usual species. As per Inferno: (an albino, for instance, or a creature whose feathers or fur shows patterns that are not common or ever found in nature). So yes, a tiger stripped wolf or a black snake with a white skull pattern on it's scales is possible. Just beware: the more attention snagging it is, the more some people will question it as animal cruelty or an abomination. Keep away from cameras and YouTube unless you want Hunters possibly coming after it and maybe even you.
2) The Possessed gain a +3 to Manipulation+Animal Ken rolls to communicate her wishes when called for.
3) "The animal is profoundly loyal, and will protect the Possessed at the cost of its own life." still applies.
4) Characters or NPCs other than the Possessed that attempt to control or influence the Possessed's Animal Familiar in any way suffer a -5 to their attempt or the Familiar has a +5 to resist, depending on the roll necessary. This stacks with the Attribute called for resistance (Composure or Resolve usually). So, for example, Joe Gangrel is using Animalism 2 Obedience against Patty Possessed's Animal Familiar. It calls for the Vampire to roll Manipulation+Animal Ken+Animalism - animal's Composure. In addition to the Composure score a further -5 will be added. If the roll asks for the animal's Resolve+Composure roll to resist, a +5 is added to the roll.
This is to reflect the Familiar's unshakable loyalty and rabid protection as it is an extension of the Demon itself. It is very difficult to sway an Animal Familiar's desires away from it's Master.
5) Unlike the Animal Retainer merit, Animal Familiar allows a break in the level of Animal Ken necessary for their Familiar. Their Primary Vice dots act as secondary Animal Ken in regards to the level of Animal Ken necessary for the Merit outlined. So a Level 5 Animal Familiar Merit would require a score of Animal Ken of 2 as a prerequisite so long as the Possessed's Primary Vice is @ 3.
This is to reflect that the Familiar is bound with the Demon within and it not a regular animal.
6) The minimum Resources Rating in the Animal Retainer Merit still applies as per the animal's dots before the addition of 'Exceptional'. So a Size 4 Dog (Animal Retainer ••) would require a Resources or Professional Training score of •. Where as a Horse (Animal Retainer •••) would require Resources or Professional Training of ••.
Exotic Animals do not require a Exotic Animals license to be purchased as they come from Hell itself but it is good to have if you want them seen in public or if you plan on keeping a demonic wolf roaming around your Estate. Just in case the Police or Animal Control ask questions.
This is to reflect that it is a gift from Hell itself, it is not something purchased or needing to be specially trained like mundane animals. They do, however, still need to eat and be housed in some fashion.
Due to the ridiculousness? Elephants and bears will not be allowed to be taken as Animal Familiars for Possessed.
Everything else is fair game.
(Yes, including a demonic chimpanzee because the Evil Monkey In The Closet is too good to pass up.)


Animal Familiars are able to purchase Innate Vestments to a maximum of 2 Vestments with XP gained from the 'Exceptional' merit addition. It is not possible to purchase two of the same Vestment to double it's bonuses or effects.
Each Vestment costs 25xp.
Eligible Vestments:
Envy - Never Last, Your Pain My Pleasure, Green Eyes, Epicaricacy
Gluttony - Aura of Gross Indulgence, Camel's Hump, Sinful Girth, Strange Regurgitation, Unnatural Consumption
Greed - The Acquisition of Wealth, Toad's Boon
Lust - The Embrace (+2 Grapple), Incubus Theft, Cruel Ambrosia
Pride - The Deadliest of Sins (Toxicity 4 Blood), Speed of the Steed (+4 Speed)
Sloth - Bedsores, Gray World, Ease of Thought
Wrath - Anger Burns Hot, Fleet Feet of Purpose (Intimidation+1 to Speed), Skillful Demands, Swift Intercession (+2 Initiative)

xxxxxFun link for inspiration of Animal Familiars: Wikipedia's list of legendary creatures by type

Demon Familiars

xxxxxDemon Familiars (Imps and Twilight) outlined in Inferno on pg 125 states that if an Imp Familiar dies, you can spend 10xp reflexively to keep it around as a Twilight Familiar. This is fine and dandy. You can have 1 of each 'kind' of Familiar but not 2 of each 'type'. So if you have a Twilight Familiar and an Imp Familiar, that is groovy. If your Imp dies for whatever reason you can still spend the 10xp to keep it around as a Twilight Familiar but that means you will have to get rid of your already existing Twilight Familiar since they will both be the same 'type'. If you don't spend the 10xp to have the Imp turn into a Twilight Familiar, well, it just dies and is sent back to whatever corner of Hell it crawled out of. Probably to a worried momma demon who warned it not to play upstairs with the big kids in the first place.

xxxxxWhen statting a Demon Familiar (Imp or Twilight) remember to include a Bane, a Ban, and Manifestation effects equal to rank+twilight form on all demons. Embodied Familiars still have Manifestation Effects, just can't use them while Embodied.


xxxxxAs per the Retainer HR, a character may have no more supernatural retainers than their Supernatural Resistance Trait, but in the case of Possessed it is the sum of all Vices. Possessed Retainers may be assigned an appropriate Innate Vestment as a Skill from the list below. A Possessed Retainer may have up to 1/2 (rounded up) of their level in Vestments, replacing Skills as they go. Vestments that provide a numerical dice bonus provide only 1/2 the Retainer's rating, rounded up, as a bonus.

Innate Vestments

  • Envy
    • Epicaricacy, once per scene.
    • Green Eyes, bonus of 1/2 Retainer rating, rounded up.
    • Liar's Tongue, exceptional success on Subterfuge at 3, not 5.
  • Gluttony
    • Aura of Gross Indulgence, unchanged.
    • Unnatural Consumption, unchanged.
  • Greed
    • The Acquisition of Wealth, unchanged.
    • Toad's Boon, unchanged.
  • Lust
    • Dark Side, unchanged.
    • The Embrace, bonus of 1/2 Retainer rating, rounded up.
    • Prurient Perfume, unchanged.
  • Pride
    • Supremacy, unchanged.
  • Sloth
    • Ease of Thought, maximum bonus up to 1/2 Retainer rating, rounded up.
    • Instant Gratification, unchanged.
  • Wrath
    • Skillful Demands, maximum bonus up to 1/2 Retainer rating, rounded up.
    • Wrath of the Wrench, maximum bonus up to 1/2 Retainer rating, rounded up.


Final Mentions

xxxxxThese are a couple of final mentions pertaining to the Possessed and other Spheres.

Aura Sight

xxxxxPossessed characters' auras don't look significantly different, but their flesh appears to shift and twist to look more like the demon within. Use of Tainted Countenance transfers this aspect to the victim.

Blood Bonds & Ghouling

  • Possessed can be blood bound.
  • Possessed cannot be ghouled without first being exorcised (and thus no longer being Possessed). Ghouls cannot become Possessed.