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This page is your simple guide to making a Possessed; this is a two-step process as you must design:

  • The Possessed
  • The Demon

When you are finished with the steps in this page, you should have a complete Possessed.

Example Concepts

The Inferno book has many examples, and the following are a few that have been provided by Staff and Players alike:

  • Picked on in school and pushed around, you looked for anything that might make you feel powerful. Black magic enabled you to punish your abusers and something answered from the darkness. Now you are a vessel of vengeance. It felt good initially, that rush of power. Now the Wrath within you is too powerful and although you wish to stop you can't. Now you have murdered and abused everything close to you, too. You can't even commit suicide properly, and not for trying. The voice within you, it keeps you alive. Will anything be normal ever again?
  • The good girl from the good family. You amazed your God-fearing parents with grades so much so they allowed you to go to college. But just as you got your freedom and independence, something stepped in the way. You started having dreams, and the dreams became an excuse for being tardy to classes. You began to see signs and portents everywhere, like God had forsaken you. The relationship with Him others seemed to have, you wanted it worse than anything, and you grew jealous besides. Now your Envy is like a rapacious monster. Anyone you perceive to be better off than you, they have to pay for the growing darkness within you, maybe you'll start with your own two parents.
  • You're honest and hardworking, but you have debt, you have an addict for a wife and a teenage son who can't seem to get his act together. Depression and alcoholism seem easy. Late one night the television started having these infomercials. The host seemed to be talking directly to you. That was when you noticed that the Cable had been out since Christmas. Every night you sit in front of that glowing box and hear the voices that urge you to give up. What have you done with your life? Why do you even try? What did your job ever get you? You need to take charge, and take from others who work hard. Living off of others is what life is really all about. Welfare is looking good. But who needs a family to mooch off of what you have? It's time for Three's Company to become just you, so you can enjoy tonight's episode of Three's Company in peace.

Basic Considerations

  • Age - There is no maximum age for your character, as possessed are essentially immortal. Be aware that the older your character is, the more background staff is likely to want to see, however.
  • Primary Vice - Your character's vice and your Demon's vice must match.
  • Variant Vices - Only use the seven main vices on your character sheet. If you want one of the variant vices (see Virtues and Vices) then use the basic vice it relates to and add a note to yourself listing your variant vice.

Your Demon

You will need to set a Demon Note on yourself, following the template below:

+note me/Demon=
Demon Name: 
True Name: (Include this even if your character doesn't know it)
Primary Vice:
Dominion:  (Inferno page 63 if you need help with this)
Malapraxis: (Inferno page 49 if you need help with this)
Describe Possession:
Relationship with Possessed: 

If you then add this to the Demons of Fallcoast page and put a note on your job, you get a free XP!

Your Background

This does not need to be extensive and in fact for the sake of staff sanity and in the interest of getting your application processed quickly, we would truly rather it not be! A paragraph or two on each of the following points is more than sufficient. This can be set on the PC with the '+help Background' command or on the Wiki as bullet points.

  • Before Possession

1. Where are you from?
2. Who is your family? Any siblings? What were the relationships to them?
3. What was your life like prior to the Possession?

  • The Possession

4. How did you become Possessed?
5. Did you know about the Occult prior to your Possession?

  • Your Demon

6. This will be in your +note. You need to have the Name of the Demon, Malapraxis, Dominion, Primary Vice, Relationship with Demon.

  • Today

7. What has your life been like since the Possession?

Possessed Template

Once your application job is in, add a note to it listing the following information:

  • Select a Primary Vice. Options are: Acedia (Sloth), Avaritia (Greed), Gula (Gluttony), Invidia (Envy), Ira (Wrath), Luxuria (Lust), Superbia (Pride)
  • You have 3 free dots to distribute across your Vices, can be plural.
  • Your character may never have more dots in another Vice than those dots possessed in their Primary Vice.
  • You get one Innate, Lesser, or Greater Vestment for each dot, depending on if you buy up your Primary Vice to 2 or 3.
  • You get Unseen Sense (Demons) [•••] for free as part of your Template.
  • You get Encyclopedic Knowledge [••••] (World of Darkness p. 109) for free as part of your Template.
  • One free language per dot in your Primary Vice.
  • Possessed is the only template that permits you to drop your Morality all the way down to '4' for 5xp per level (Not available on Becomings).

XP Spends

Check this chart for XP Costs!

Please use the +xpreq code for all XP spends.


Remember you will need a Description before you can be approved.


You're done! Confirm to your job and wait for a review!