Plot:The Oakfield Community Pool Haunting

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“You don't need an ocean to feel like you're drowning. You feel it, between your chest and your throat, the weight of it stretching you outside your self, like a dead fish on the shore.”
Malak El Halabi

xxxxxA series of drownings at local pools around Fallcoast are reported in the local news. A funeral is held for the most recent victim, a popular girl named Anita Patel. Frankie attends to investigate the mysterious deaths, Molly to encourage the mourners to let go of their attachment and Kara to pay her respects to a fellow swimmer.

xxxxxA few days later, Kara is swimming at the same pool and becomes aware of a supernatural presence that encourages her to swim to the point of exhaustion and then slip under the water and drown, a suggestion she is able to resist, barely. Frankie, meanwhile, continues her investigations and spreads word of a possible serial killer to Kilo and Rictus.

xxxxxDespite Frankie's best efforts, and dire warnings from Reese, Kara returns to the pool and is drowned by whatever haunts it, returning as one of The Prey. A meeting is called to discuss recent events and Sabo and Stig are brought up to speed. Frankie decides to pursue the investigation and visits the pool under cover of darkness, accompanied by Kilo and Sabo, where a shocking discovery is made.

xxxxxDiscovering that their adversary seems to be the 'ghost' of the pool itself, Frankie leads a group comprised of herself, Kara, Selias, AJ and Warren to the Athenaeum, hoping to learn more.

Kara, Reborn Mortal Medium
Frankie, Bound Torn Reaper
Molly, Bound Prey Pilgrim
Monami 36C.jpg
Kilo, Bound Forgotten Celebrant
Rictus, Bound Torn Celebrant
Reese, Bound Torn Celebrant
Stig, Bound Forgotten Pilgrim
Sabo, Bound Forgotten Reaper
Selias, Bound Torn Advocate
Warren, Mortal Medium
AJ, Bound Forgotten Celebrant
Damian, Bound Forgotten Reaper
Aurore, Mortal Thaumaturge
The Oakfield Community Pool Haunting
Storyteller: Poptart
Setting: The Oakfield Community Pool
Timeframe: Spring 2017
Status: Ongoing