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“The last thing they ever saw was me.”
By Richard Kuklinski.

xxxxxDeckard, while performing his duties as the Lingualis Mortis of Fallcoast, noticed some Sin-Eaters gone missing. He put the news up on the Twilight Network, and shortly after, investigations followed. The disappearances weren't the only strange occurrences however, and it just might turn out that a series of seemingly isolated events turn out to be part of a much, much larger web of intrigue...and danger.

Recent Developments

xxxxxThe ghost dubbed 'Wirehead' has been killing people. After the battle at the Sentinel Storage facility, it's anchor was destroyed, and the problem was taken care of. That is, until there was news of a separate killing involving the ghosts' trademark weapon. Frankie Allen manages to get in touch with the medical examiner, Citlalmina, and gathers information on the last things the victims of Wirehead saw and felt.

xxxxxFrankie Allen investigates the missing Sin-Eaters, and eventually finds herself outside Hugh Levine's house. She encountered a myriad of ghostly guardians protecting the place, but was eventually allowed to see Rebecca Levine, Hugh's daughter, to speak with her about her father. Eventually, she gathers not only the trust of Rebecca, but a piece of Hugh for the Finding Ceremony.

xxxxxA Hunting Krewe on the West Coast called 'The Jedi Order' has suffered casualties at the hands of a mysterious figure. They called for assistance from Fallcoast, and it was revealed that the culprit behind the casualties took the appearance of one of the missing Sin-Eaters from Fallcoast. The Fallcoastians and Jedi came to an agreement to share information, and each party went their separate ways.

xxxxxA ghost by the name of Jessica Toys assaults Cobalt Rasender's house, expecting him to be there. Instead, the ghost pits Ting against a series of lethal traps, which she narrowly manages to avoid each time. Ting, having had enough of dealing with the traps, manages to enter into a game of wits with the ghost, convincing her that they should be allies. The gamble works, and after a short, verbal altercation upon the arrival of Rasender, Ting and Jessica take off into the woods together to look for the man that sent Jessica on the homicidal mission.

xxxxxFrankie Allen has flexed her investigative muscles and acquired pieces of each missing Sin-Eater, with the exception of Hassan Mohammed, to use for a Finding Ceremony. What she finds are their corpses, mutilated and putrid, held inside plastic bags. She takes them to the medical examiner to see if Citlalmina can't work her medical magic. The contents of the bags turn out to be extremely infectious and toxic, but despite this, Citlalmina is able to divine the deaths of Hugh Levine, Francis Desjardin, Sarah Binds, and Jasdeep Singh. What occurs is harrowing, and inside Sarah Binds bag she finds a small, spherical glass vial with a strange substance inside.

xxxxxBlanche Abernathy stumbles upon an altercation between a ghost and a Sin-Eater in the woods, and follows them into the Underworld. She watches intently as the ghost manhandles the Sin-Eater, nearly killing him, until he was temporarily rescued by an unfettered Geist. The ghost pursues her target, and Blanche pursues the ghost. The Geist manages to turn the ghost away, and requests help from Blanche to heal the mortally wounded Sin-Eater. Faced with a hard choice, Blanche provides the man a peaceful death, and requests information from the Geist about the ghost that assailed the man, swearing justice in his name.

xxxxxTing, being led by Jessica, walks for many, many miles, eventually coming to an abandoned resort for recovering addicts out in the middle of nowhere. Within, she discovers Hassan Mohammed being held captive and tortured for information. Ting utilizes her clever wording to trick Jessica into letting Hassan escape, so that they can 'supposedly' see where he goes, all in the plot to find the man behind Jessica. Later on, Frankie manages to utilize her last Finding Ceremony, uncovering Hassan at the public library, searching for the allies Ting mentioned to go to.

xxxxxAfter coalescing at the home of Hugh Levine, Hassan lays out to the Sin-Eaters, as well as Rebecca, what he knows. The God-Eater is some kind of person or thing that has been commanding five ghosts whom he has dubbed his Five Horsemen, his personal Heralds of Death. The Homunculi that have been sewing chaos and disorder also appear to have been under his command, though it is still unclear /what/ they truly are, or how they are made. When Hassan gives the names of the Five Horsemen, to Frankie and Damian's horror, they realize that certain events that have been going on within Fallcoast are all somehow connected. Hassan also appears to be the only one that knows a special ritual that the God Eater is after, the reason he has been kept alive.

xxxxxOnce again hearing from the Jedi, who arranged a meeting with some of Fallcoasts investigators, they gathered together only to be attacked by the Homunculi. After the Homunculi were dealt with, it was discovered what their eggs really were, which led to the immediate disposal of the sample in Citlalmina’s office. Hoax, meanwhile, anticipated the danger of the vials, and hearing from Frankie, managed to poach the egg and prevent the Gallows from succumbing to danger.

xxxxxThat wasn’t the only item that was still in circulation. The Kabuki Killer’s apron, which was being stored in the evidence locker, needed to be recovered by the Sin-Eaters, lest there be chaos in the city of Fallcoast. Thankfully the apron was destroyed, but in the process, Damian, Freddy, and Frankie ran into the Grey Horseman who laid a curse upon Freddy before being whisked away.

xxxxxEventually, to learn more about the God Eater, Damian delved into the depths, heading to the Athenaeum. He gleaned many important facts about the man, though his location was still to be determined. While information was still being gathered, and people were still searching for clues, the God Eater struck at the home of Hugh and Josephine Levine, kidnapping the residents there and discorporating the ghostly guardians.

xxxxxAn ad hoc rescue team set out to find Hassan as quickly as possible once it was realized that he, along with all the immediate members of his friends and family, were taken. Despite the traps laid out by the White Horseman, a number of Sin-Eaters managed to piece together the location of Hassan, destroy Jessica Toys, and rescue the captives. Once all was settled and the captives were taken to the Nanabozho, Hassan relayed to Frankie that the ritual he’d been trying to safeguard was now firmly in the hands of the God Eater, belittling their victory over the White Horseman.

Blanche, Darkling Whisperwisp/Lurker/Leechfinger of Autumn
Boucher, Torn Advocate
Cassidy 2.jpg
Cassidy, Forgotten Gatekeeper
Cissy, Forgotten Bonepicker
Citlalmina, Silent Advocate
Coyote, Unaligned Gangrel
Damian 004.jpg
Damian, Forgotten Reaper
Darius, Torn Bonepicker
Dolly, Prey Reaper
Frankie, Torn Reaper
Franklin, Silent Advocate
Freddy, Stricken Gatekeeper
Hoax, Torn Mourner
428px-Idina bw.jpg
Idina, Torn Mourner
Monami 02c.jpg
Kilo, Forgotten Celebrant
Matthew Standard.jpg
Matthew, Silent Celebrant
Mercy, Torn Bonepicker
Rasender, Silent Necromancer
Sabo, Forgotten Reaper
Susie, Prey Celebrant
Ting, Elemental Waterborn of Spring
Trent, Silent Necromancer
Vandal, Stricken Mourner
Yuri, Stricken Bonepicker
The God Eater Comes
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Storyteller: Deckard
Setting: Fallcoast/The Underworld/Los Angeles
Timeframe: Between 6/12/2016 & 7/31/2016
Status: Ongoing
Wirehead's Visions
Frankie Meets Evil Jasdeep