Plot:The Abyssal Temple

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“Moria! Moria! Wonder of the Northern world! Too deep we delved there, and woke the nameless fear.”
Glóin, Lord of the Rings
The Abyssal Temple

xxxxxThe subtle signs of an infestation of supernatural intruders making their home inside of Sleepers drove some Wise of the Granite Coast Consilium into an investigation, eventually leading them to the marine of the Hangilg Hills and its supposedly haunted boasthouse Thirty Four. Inside they encountered abyssal entities, but beyond this traces leading into the sea. An expedition soon followed, leading them far out into the dark depths, before finally encountering a unnatural rock formation at the bottom of the ocean, a passage opened with Prime revealed a rocky chamber, guarded by a twisted spiritual entity and a bowl demanding a blood sacrifise, all this for a portal.

xxxxxxxxxxShedding the demanded blood, the Wise ventured beyond the portal. Finding themselves in a great and ancient temple. Slowly making their way through it, they finally chanced on unlocking the seals on one of the shut stone doors. Here they found a summoning chamber with a resting sarcophagus. Opening this grave awakened something, the dead rose again and worse as they were chased away from this unholy place. Leaving behind a temple, no longer dormant.

Sand, Mastigos, Free Council
Quietus, Moros, Silver Lidder
Azrael, Moros, Hitman
Uatu, Mastigos Mysterium
Razors, Acanthus, Adamantine Arrow'
Blades, Obrimos, Adamantine Arrow
Izimbali, Obrimos, Free Council
Ace, Obrimos, Mysterium
Name, Path, Order
The Abysssal Temple
Storyteller: Olsson
Setting: Setting
Timeframe: 2015 Autumn
Status: Ongoing

  • (2015.07.18)
It's A Thing
  • (2015.07.28)
Aliiens, dude! Aliens!
  • (2015.08.02)
Down Where It's Wetter
  • (2015.08.07)
Beyond The Portal
  • (2015.08.14)
The Crypt