Plot:Tempus Fugit

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“With that much heresy, I'm going to need two cups of coffee.”
By Imperial Navy Commandant.

xxxxxAt any given point in time there exists an infinte number of alternate timelines each playing out a different pathway each of us could have taken. Is this the talk of a madman or a muse? In the end, Promtheans know it doesn't matter because the only other path that could exist for them is non-existence. On the other hand, other supernaturals have a much more hollistic approach to the timeline.

xxxxxImagine, then, the surprise one might have if that timeline is broken in our backyard. On several levels, this is annoying. I mean, you've got the fractures to deal with and now there are these people from another timeline invading this one. It gets messy.

xxxxxNow take that situation and add a millenia old rivalry and a neverending army of pandorans and undead. What's that? You want to know who is doing this? Don't we all. Speaking of, did you see that weird ice storm?

Major NPC Cast
Callum, Frankenstein Argentum Promethean
Misteireach, Apostate Thyrsus Companion to Callum
Vestige, Old Guy with a Staff
Neverborn, Apostate Moros member of The Legion
Player Cast
Dove, Daeva Circle of the Crone
Gain, Forgotten Repear
Priscilla, Moros Silver Ladder
Daedalus, Guardian of the Veil Obrimos
Black, Obrimos Mysterium
Enigma, Acanthus Free Council
Tempus Fugit
Storyteller: Teuts-Magoots
Setting: Here. Now negotiable.
Timeframe: TBD
Status: Ongoing
Themes: Discovery, Choice, Investigation, and Some Combat
Themesong: Archive - Bullets