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“Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.”
Andy Warhol.

xxxxxThere are a group of Privateers that have been plying their trade throughout Fallcoast during the recent upheaval. They're indiscriminate, kidnapping mortals and the Lost alike, and trading them to the Others for potential power. The Widow has requested that the Winter Court take care of the problem to prevent it from becoming a much larger issue that's known far-and-wide within the Freehold. The idea is that most Lost of Sentinel's Rock realize there's a Loyalist problem and an issue with hobs serving the Others. Having a Privateering issue on top of that would be that much worse and might cause a panic. She's called for her Knights of Utmost Silence and people whom Winter (and its Courtiers) trust to take care of the problem and stem the tide.

xxxxxWinter came upon this information after Blanche Abernathy rescued a human from one of the Loyalists, a man who went by the name of Hoarfrost. The girl that was rescued, Samantha Emerson, was babbling about the names that Hoarfrost used: Jack Spade, Allie, and Thorn. Utilizing Winter's ability to find out information relatively quickly, the Widow has found likely locations for each of them, and expects them to be dispatched without alerting their allies.

Blanche, Autumn Whisperwisp
Cerise, Autumn Flowering/Enchanter
Leander, Winter Whisperwisp
Stav 10CF.png
Lex, Winter Nightsinger
Lyd, Winter Gremlin
Tock, Spring Manikin
Yasen, Winter Woodblood
Stemming the Tide
Stemming the tide.jpg
Storyteller: Jackson
Setting: Fallcoast/The Hedge
Timeframe: End of June
Status: Completed