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“Excess of grief for the dead is madness; for it is an injury to the living, and the dead know it not.”

xxxxxSomeone appears to have graffiti'd up an alleyway near one of the parks in the commercial district. This looks like just standard graffiti to the untrained eye, but it's clearly a message on the Twilight Network, visible to the local Sin-Eaters. Whoever wrote this out wrote it out along an entire alleyway. They seem to have had a lot to say in the swirling patterns and bits of legitimate art that's mixed in with the other graffiti.

xxxxx"Two levels down; don't go. Something big. Something ANGRY. We're dead. For good this time. Abandon all hope, et cetera. Books and words and ink and pens. Something waiting for us. Something unchained, untethered. Some of us working for it. Don't go."

xxxxxThere are rumors of a Dominion gone mad, and of a Krewe gone missing. Several Sin-Eaters and their companions must investigate it – and stop it, lest something happen in the world above the Lower Mysteries.

Recent Developments

xxxxxLynneth and Deckard found a man who claimed to have seen his entire Krewe wiped out in the Underworld. His name is Ian, and he was from a Krewe called the Scions of Saint James from Portland, Maine. After doing some investigation on this, it was discovered that the Scions of Saint James are at odds with another Krewe called the West End Watchers in Portland.

xxxxxThe West End Watchers have come to Fallcoast and are setting up a Flesh Faire for all of the Sin-Eaters of Fallcoast.

xxxxxKilo and David did some research into the West End Watcher Krewe, getting their names and what appears to be their Krewe's Channel. It also seems that the West End Watchers are interested in acting like a real gang, with drug trafficking in and out of Portland and the like. They've recently taken over all of the Scions of Saint James' territory.

xxxxxIt came to the attention of Roy that Oliver Anthony of the Society of Crows was in communication with James Ellison. He and Shirley confronted him, and Oliver Anthony was killed. Brodie was picked to take up his position as a Founder of the SoC.

xxxxxJames goaded Citlalmina into coming to Juarez, Mexico to bargain for her brother. She brought a group of other Sin-Eaters who traveled there via Sepulchral Gateway from Deckard. James and a lot of the humans he had on his payroll were killed, and the other Founders of the West End Watcher Krewe have started to fight among themselves for control over the Faction.

xxxxxQuincy "Hardy" Jackson is attempting to foment chaos in Fallcoast among the Sin-Eaters.

xxxxxA traveler came through town to discuss some information regarding the West End Watchers with a few folks. After passing on the information, he headed out.

xxxxxThe Sin-Eaters found out that there was a West End Watcher splinter krewe that'd established themselves in Fallcoast. With a coordinated assault, they took them out, took some hostages, and split them up among the various safe places in Fallcoast for the Bound for interrogation.

Amadei, Fairest Minstrel of Spring
Citlalmina, Silent Advocate
David, Prey Necromancer
Darius, Torn Bonepicker
Deckard, Silent Celebrant
Delaney, Silent Reaper
Enki, Mysterium Thyrsus
Hoax, Torn Necromancer
Howell, Patchwork Immortal
428px-Idina bw.jpg
Idina, Torn Mourner
Monami 27.png
Kilo, Forgotten Celebrant
Lillian, Elemental Fireheart/Runnerswift of Autumn
Matthew, Torn Celebrant
Mercy, Torn Bonepicker
Melody, Darkling Lurker/Riddleseeker/Author of Autumn
Rasender, Silent Necromancer
Roy, Silent Celebrant
Storyteller: Toska
Setting: Fallcoast/The Underworld
Timeframe: Between 5/31/2016 & 6/30/2016
Status: Ongoing