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“A Quote.”
By Some Dude.

xxxxxThe Tunnels of the Abernathy Estate have long been shrouded in mystery. While several studies have been made about them, the work produced has been spotty at best. Some documents have even outright disappeared over the years. The greatest explorer and researcher of these Tunnels was one Donald Abernathy who, in the Spring of 1956, claimed to have found a secret passage (according to his journal) and he was set to try and open it. The next day a collapse in the tunnels buried Donald alive, causing a sink hole to erupt and half the tunnels have been sealed by debris since then. In his journals Donald claimed he suspects this is where a "library vast and stygian" was thought to be within these tunnels along with "Treasures of Antiquity from a bygone age of which no Mortal Host shall ever impress upon this piece Earth again".

xxxxxThe diary of a madman? Is there truth to these half legible scribblings? Is the crude, half-finished map of any real use? Had passion turned to obsession and birthed itself into utter madness? Just what was that loud roaring noise reportedly heard by those on the Estate Grounds on May 3rd 1956? Was it just the house itself groaning once the sinkhole appeared? Is there really a secret and hidden library? Treasures untold?

Cast of Characters
Blanche, Autumn Changeling
Freddy, Gatekeeper Sin-Eater
Elmo, DHOTF Autumn Changeling
Myles, Autumn Changeling
Natalie, Ensorcelled Human
Nemo, Summer Changeling
Image Gallery
Abernathy Tunnels OG.png
Original Map found by Blanche and Freddy. 9/2/16
AberTun Pic1.png
Original Photo of suspected tunnels dated 3/23/23
AberTun Pic2.png
Original Photo of suspected tunnels dated 3/26/23
Aber TunnelsPhotocopy.png
Photocopy of original map, tunnels marked at collapsed sections.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Columbarium A Praeteritis
Storyteller: Freddy
Setting: Abernathy Estate
Timeframe: September 2016 - ?
Status: Ongoing
John Carpenter - "Vortex"
King Crimson - "In The Court of the Crimson King"
Lustmord - "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang"
Meshuggah - "Bleed"
Ozzy Osbourne - "Diary of a Madman"
UPYR - "Into the Tunnels of My Dreams"