Phillip Nicks

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Phillip Nicks
Concept: Fairy Tailorer

Date of Birth: July, 04th, 1987
Apparent Age: 30's
Height: 1,76m (5'8)
Weight: 80kg (177 lb)
Hair: Mostly Brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Business Owner

Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust

Seeming: Fairest
Kiths: Flowering/Artisan

Court: Spring
Entitlement: None
Motley: None
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  • The Time Before:

One of the Nicks kid that was born and raised upon their hippie's culture and religion. He had no friends outside of the Commune up to early in his 20's when he decided to explore the big city. His pretty face, well build body and a very sexy smile made him impossible to miss while his many tattoos made him slightly rebel-like. Rumours says he became a male escort at that point and made some money, leaving town to venture in Europe where he spent a few years. Upon returning, he purchased a business in Fallcoast's Commercial Neighborhood called The Sanctuary (C02), a bath house and spa and made it very popular among the young and single adults of the area, specially the LGBTQIA+ community. But not the money, neither the popularity of the business made him settle down and a just a year later, he left town again.

  • Summer 2021:

Just a week after his arrival, Phillip started having strange and very lucid dreams that ended up in a trap made by a Keeper that goes by the name of Lily. Gone for 7 years, he returned just to realized just a couple days had passed and that all his memories were wiped out.

RP Hooks

  • Barfly:

Once you spend enough time around and about bars and clubs, it becomes a matter of instict to find the nearest one and have some quality time with friends, lovers, enemies...

  • Changeling:

One of the Fairest, aligned with the Court of Spring.

  • Formely Male Escort:

A world of glory, drugs, easy money and fake lives. Now just part of a distant past.

  • Hedgespinner:

One specialized in tailoring hedgespun gala outfits for all those that dare to pay the price.

  • Nicks:

Neo pagan, hippie, tree hugger and all that entails being a Nicks and living in the Nicks Compound.

  • The Sanctuary bathhouse and spa:

Once a forgotten and rundown place, now a hot spot for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Has a VIP card for the Sanctuary in exchange for a leather light armor.

Handyman at the Sanctuary.

3 times in the same week must mean something.