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Peter Elliott is a Bastet, member of the Cait Sith species. Had he been but a normal man, he would have been an aloof, albeit mostly social, young man that would have been the quintessential hippie. From his behaviour, one might think him to be high or just simply not all there. Nothing could be further from the truth, however.
Peter, being a Changing Breed, is also strongly connected to the Shadow and possesses the Spirit Sight Aspect. For him, it is not a matter of just thinking there are Spirits all around us, influencing our activities to feed from what comes of it. No, he knows it to be an absolut and factual truth.
This is Peter in a nutshell. Being Cait Sith, he has adopted certain traits that one might come to link to cats. He is both courageous and he is impatient in the way cats can be, two key ingredients that could very well lead to the old saying "curiosity killed the cat" to come true.

  • A Bastet - Peter is a Changing Breed and of the Bastet breed. Be it Cait Sith or one of the other sub species, he never met a cat he would turn away.
  • The Spirits - This cat learned a lot about Spirits from his Uncle and has taken up the torch to learn yet more about them. The hope is to learn the tricks of their trade, to become closer to them.
  • The Shadow - He has a strong connection to the Shadow, possessing the Shadow Bond Aspect. He will go into the Shadow at any opportunity, provided he can find a Locus.
  • A Cab driver - He drives a cab. Not only does it put him in direct contact with people, allowing him to earn some cash. It also lets him go all over the place to identify potential spiritual hotspots.

Peter is originally from Colorado, the forests and mountains of that Great State.
For years, that was his home, where he and his Uncle roamed the woods looking for spirits yet untouched by the blight and blemish that mankind brings when encroaching further and further into nature. Having lost his Uncle in the depths of the Shadow, Peter wandered until he eventually ended up in the state of Nevada.
There he met another Cait Sith called India, a young hippie girl originating from France. They were both connected to the Shadow, both looking into the actions and motivations of Spirits. Wandering around Nevada for a bit, getting to know each-other, the pair were drawn to a small orange glass figurine of a cat in an old pawn shop.
Neither could fully explain why they had to buy it, but something about it called to them to take it home. This would put them on the road, heading across states towards the east, eventually ending up in Maine.



Changing Breeds

India - The most-est cat


Peter Elliott

Date of Birth: 90s kid.
Apparent Age: 20+
Occupation: Cabdriver / Vagrant
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Impatience

Breed: Bastet
Species: Cait Sith
Accord: Wind-Dancer

Cait Sith is not amused by your current lack of worship

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