Pepperell Castle

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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


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xxxxxThough this is an inn now, it shows unmistakable signs of what it once was; a castle. The walls of the lobby are stone, though there are tapestries and pictures on many of them. Several of both have more esoteric designs than normally seen in an inn, to account for the history of the place. A portrait of the original owner has a small plaque which details some of that history.

xxxxxThere are several chairs and loveseats for those who wish to wait for guests, while a desk sits near the door for those checking in or out. Both stairs and a elevator lead to the other two floors, which hold the guest rooms. The first floor, however, houses the laundry and kitchen, along with the rooms for those having meetings or holding small conventions.

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Pepperell Castle Inn
Location: E02
Owner: NPC
  • (2015.07.29)
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