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OMEGA (Organization for the Mentally Enhanced and Genetically Altered) are a clandestine group set up to recruit, study, train and employ psychics and thaumaturges - and anyone else they can get their hands on.

Their origins are shrouded in mystery but they are obviously well-funded, with offices around the world ready to offer a new life to those of interest. Some say that their activities amount to kidnapping and brainwashing, others have found understanding and reason in their care. The truth is no doubt a question of perspective.


Their head office seems to be in New York. A skyscraper of unusual design that is warded and protected against all manner of supernatural entry.


They have an office in Fallcoast which has a cover name of 'The Human Potential Network'. It is here that they meet and greet (and possibly test) any persons interested in being all they can be.


OMEGA have a consistent nemesis in the organisation known as ALPHA.


Known personnel include:

Alice - a teenage girl who is always present though never says anything. If important things are being discussed around her, she invariably has earphones in and is obviously not interested.


Harrison, sniper and contact with the law

Haywood, tech specialist

Kristy, the local recruiter

Lisette, high society bigwig

Associate Agents/New Recruits

Those who have been on missions but refuse to commit totally and those recently recruited.

Former Agents

April, animal handler

Ariadne, a young socialite

Ashlyn, Conscience

Calliope, high society bigwig

Colby, Clairvoyant Biokinetic Surgeon

Lain, the local recruiter's executive assistant

Lilian, Jill of All Trades

Loci, field agent who returned to head office.

Maxen, Celebribrat. Possibly still in Paris Gendarme custody.

Oscar Fullerton, came with a big rep but left before it was fulfilled.


If you would like to become involved with OMEGA then please send a request to Darwin. Psychic and thaumaturge are their main interest but they are not ignorant of what else goes on and so may be able to offer employment (or dissection) to other spheres.

They can either be an antagonist (popping up to chase your character, attempt to capture them for study, imprisonment and dissection etc) or protagonist (you may wish to be recruited, which may lead to being sent on missions as well as general support etc).