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Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occupation: ------
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride

Court: Winter
Court Position: ------
Seeming: Emotionless Elemental
Kith: Snowskin
Entitlement: --------
Freehold: The Rock and the Hard Place
Keeper: Minister Wormwood

Witty Song
Blood of the Lamb -
I'm all clean I'm all spotless
I'm all pure like the snow
I'm all washed in the blood of the lamb


Sink your teeth into...


*"To be forged in fire or born of ice? The naive maiden trips over the rover, drowns in the clover, awakening on the pillory. Slighted, chastised and branded anew. Pure, as clean as the snow. Do not smile, do not sneer. The facade shall crack, darlings, and he will draw near. Are you washed? Are you pure?"

Winter. Lost. Watcher.