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Aside from appearing quite suddenly in Fallcoast, Nina's not a known quantity. There's murmurings in the underground that she's got some interesting connections (for those with the right skills and connections of their own to hear it), enough to have gotten a decent rep, but aside from that? Blank slate. Seems pretty personable, though, so what's the harm in striking up a quick conversation?
RP Hooks
  • Nina's new in town, but is starting to grasp all this business about things-not-being-what-they-seem.
  • She's a werewolf that still doesn't know her boundaries, among her own kind or others (what few 'others' she's aware of, anyway). This window of naivete is closing, however, so while she is still quite good at getting herself into trouble, she isn't doing it with nearly as much frequency.
  • Local LEOs and folks peripheral to them will have probably caught wind that a big-city Fed got transferred in recently, for reasons unknown.
  • If you traffic in firearms, you've heard her name already, and not for the reasons you'd think. Get in touch in-game, we'll talk about it.
  • She takes to juicy secrets and gossip like a golden retriever takes to a field of tennis balls. You got any?
  • Literally anything. If you feel like talking, she'll probably listen.
  • Dragash - Good guy. Could've held it against me that I gave him a ton of shit when we first met, but he's been surprisingly gracious about pretty much all of it.
  • Drake - I get that listening as a skill isn't particularly sexy in comparison to, say-- I don't know. Hitting things, or hitting even more things, but I promise you: it really is useful.
  • Dutch - Could stand to be a little less enthusiastic about ripping all his clothes off.
  • Gunnar - Has his moments, but I'm still not impressed.
  • Evelyn - Gotta say, I've had a lot of rotten firsts in my life, but that? That's gotta be in the top ten.
  • Mira - Don't see her enough. Should probably change that.
  • Marjorie - Not sure where I'm at with her just yet, but I will say this: she has my undivided attention.
  • Nadja - Oh, yeah. We'll get along just fine.
  • Roman - Where the hell did this guy learn to cook? Auguste Escoffier?
  • Rosalind - I am Wile E fucking Coyote and you are absolutely a cartoon shrink.
  • Soren - You know, if you're flinching that hard at the word 'menopause,' all you're saying to me is 'hi, I'm free entertainment.'
Instincts, inset for a reason
To avoid is treason
Involution's own means of prevention
Keeping you from tasting the poison
Nina Bug-Small.png Nina-Gauru.jpg
Name Nina Cassin-Bonatti
Occupation Federal Agent (ATF)
Vice Impetuousness
Virtue Mettle
Height 5'6"
Weight 138lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Also Brown
Apparent Age Mid-40s
Auspice Irraka
Auspice Aspect Thief
Tribe (Prospective) Iron Master
Pack N/A
Notable Stats
Resolve ••••
Dexterity ••••
Investigation ••••
Firearms ••••
Persuasion ••••
Merit: Trained Shooter ••
Merit: Status (ATF) ••