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Nicole Catherine Thorpe

Retired Marine -♦- Party Girl -♦- Almost Deceased

Ancient History
Nicole grew up right here in Fallcoast, a member of the ever-growing Thorpe family. Though born while her father Beau was stationed in Washington, her parents moved back before she turned two, and she grew up along with the rest of the Thorpe clan.

Quite unlike most of her siblings however, Nicole was.. well, girly. Pretty dresses, ribbons and sparkles, preferring to watch while the other kids went camping and fishing, spending her time doing her nails or her hair, or reading teen magazines. Highschool saw her join the cheerleading squad, ensuring her popularity not only with other girls, but with the football squad as well.

So it came as a surprise to many that, when she turned 18 and gratuated with the Fall Coast High class of 1998, rather than coasting on her popularity and charm, she instead enrolled in the US Marine Corps.

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Enlisted Life
It didn't take the Corps long to shake every last bit of glitter out of Nicole, shaping her and molding her into a good little recruit. She went far, too - all the way to Afghanistan, to Iraq, serving as part of the 3/8 logistics company as a communications specialist.

Fourteen years a Marine, the rank of Gunnery Sergeant under her belt; under the harsh sky and bright sun of Helmand Province, Nicole was destined for death. A raid, a bullet, a gasping wound.

A soft voice. A bargain. A life for a life lived, a deal signed in blood but kept in the glory of excess; drink, drugs, partying. No high too high, no ride too far.

A silver locket, no name, barely a blur within.

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Life After Death
Recieving an honourable discharge on medical grounds, Nicole set herself to travelling. Never mind that she'd not been home for three years prior, it was another three before she thought about home again. Home, that place of familiar faces, people loved and missed. Home, a place that doesn't scratch the itch that pushes her to seek experiences, but soothes the soul anyway.

A place where tried extra-hard not to go off the rails, but ending up taking a job somewhere away from home so she could go down the rabbit-hole again without her family seeing it. And yet, 21 months later, she's back again.

-♦- Retired Marine - Afghanistan, Iraq, long years full of memories. Did you serve?
-♦- Linguistics - French, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian/Dari, Russian. Speak the tongue? Got one to teach?
-♦- Party Girl - Dance like nobody is watching. Pop pills like it's not illegal. Drink until you're under the table.
-♦- Sin-Eater - Yes, she is one. A budding Charonite, in fact. Got some news?
-♦- Local - Did you grow up here too? Let's talk history.

-♦- Pass Out - Tinie Tempah
-♦- Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
-♦- One - Metallica
-♦- Get This Party Started - Pink
-♦- New York Minute - The Eagles
-♦- Rehab - Amy Winehouse
-♦- Tequilla - Terrorvision

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-♦- Angel - Where there's love and darkness and my sidearm.
-♦- Baby-G - Dirty-sweet. Clad in black, don't look back, girl I love you.
-♦- F-Bomb - I can hear the echo of your voice, in my head.
-♦- Galway Girl - It's a mystery to me, the game commences. For the usual fee, plus expenses.
-♦- Rainbow Dash - All the eyes on me in the center of the ring.
-♦- Russian Doll - Sometimes when you're scared to take a look at the corner of the room..
-♦- Seventy-Six - There's always free cheddar in a mousetrap, baby. It's a deal.
-♦- Spooky - I will not worry for you you'll be just fine.