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So you have a staff bit now, and you are responsible for maintaining several job buckets. There are a few simple commands to find out what jobs you have assigned to you, or what require attention in the bucket itself.

MU Help Files
+jhelp, along with +jhelp commands, commands2, etc.

+job/add ###=text
-Will only add a comment Staff can see. If you want a player to see this, +job/publish ###=Comment#

+job/mail ###=text
-Will mail the comment to the players on the job. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE, so make sure you aren’t sending something you shouldn’t.

+job/tag ###=staffername or +jgroup
-Will tag the job to the staffer or staffers you want it to (like +ling to tag it to all ling staffers). This will show up when they +jobs/mine. Once they respond, they will be taken off that list, so you may have to re-add them, or if you want to keep an eye on it, make sure to /tag it to yourself.

+job/source ###=names
-Will change the source (the people that opened the job) of a job to the list of players. DO NOT PUT STAFFER NAMES ON THIS.

+job/due ###=MO DAY YEAR
-Will change the due date on a job. The format is MONTH DAY YEAR, with spaces, like Jan 09 2015. The time defaults to midnight.

+job/trans ###=bucket
-This will transfer the job from whatever bucket it came in as and put it in the bucket you want. So if a city job comes in to vampire, you can /trans it to city so city staff can see it.

+job/assign ###=staffer or +jgroup
-Assigns a job to a staffer or job group. If a job comes in “Attn SoandSo” do this to make sure they see it.

+job/claim ###
-This will claim a job as yours and will make sure it shows up in your +jobs/mine

+job/merge source###=destination###
-This will merge the source job into the destination job, combining the first into the second.

+jobs/mine This will provide all the jobs that are workable by you. Includes assigned and Allstaff jobs.
+oops <#> Did you approve or deny the wrong job? Use this command. You have around three seconds.

Common Buckets for Staffers are APP (Applications), RECC (Recommendations), PITCH (Idea Pitches), & REQ (Requests). If you are a Vamp Admin, you will also maintain the VAMP bucket, Were for Werewolf, etc.

Awarding XP

Whether it's for PrP XP or starting XP, the command for awarding it to a player is the same.

+xp/award PLAYER=#:REASON

Example: +xp/award Sonder=1:Log:Bump in the Night
Example: +xp/award Sonder=51:Starting XP+Wiki

If awarding tier XP (or any other type) simply, do /type after the player's name.

Example: +xp/award Sonder/tier=5:Oct 16 Tier

If you're awarding a number of players the same amount of XP for the same reason (such as for a PrP submission) it's easier to use +xp/scene:

+xp/scene Name1 Name2 Name3=#:Reason

Example: +xp/scene Sonder Bedlam=1:Log:Bump in the Night

(XP) Job Process

(XP) Job Process: Each properly formatted XPREQ from a player will come into the bucket with the necessary commands IN THE JOB FOR YOU. The important thing you need to do as a staffer is make sure they meet any requirements for the XP spend before allowing it. Are they buying Fleet of Foot? The prerequisite for that is Strength 2, without it, they can’t have that merit.

The job will look like these examples;
Example 1
   FIGHTING STYLE JUDO (merit) 2 > 3
   XP Cost: 6
   ----> staff commands < ---------------------------------------------------------
   sheet/set Sonder/merit=fighting_style_judo:3
   sheet/set Sonder/merit=!fighting_style_judo:2
   +xp/spend Sonder=6:Fighting Style Judo 2 > 3

This example provides you with a merit that is being increased. You have the sheet ADD line, the sheet REMOVE line, and the XP spend line. The removal line is common for merits of varied levels. Attributes or Skills are simply updated to the new level as seen in Example 2 below.

Example 2
   STAMINA (attribute) 3 > 4
   XP Cost: 20
   ----> staff commands < ---------------------------------------------------------
   sheet/set Brody/attribute=stamina:4
   +xp/spend Brody=20:Stamina 3 > 4

When you are all done with the XP spends, VALIDATE them on the sheet. +sheet/<name>. Once everything is checked out and the player’s sheet is confirmed, you can close the job out. +job/approve < #>=<reason>. The reason can be a polite message that its complete, or even a sphere centric message if you like. Remember, be professional.

Tier XP Spends: Sometimes players are Tier players, and have two separate XP pools. Standard, and Tier. To view them, simply type +xp <name>/tier. The results should look like this;

   Unspent:  50
   Spent:    200
   Total:    250
Tier XP
   Unspent:  13
   Spent:    17
   Total:    30.00

If a tier player requests to spend XP from the tier pool, the command is similar to your basic xp spend; +xp/spend < name>/Tier=<#>
<XP Spend Info>. This will subtract that total from the tier XP. They are permitted to spend partial from each pool, so If doing so make a note in the spends that the cost is shared.

(RECC) Job Process

This job bucket is a basic justification/approve/deny process. Key help/news files are: +help recc, & +news recc policy.

If you feel a recc has met all the requirements listed in the recc policy file, then all you need to do is; +recc/approve <#>. This will auto award the .2 xp to the submitter, and .5 xp to the receiver.

If you feel the recc does NOT meet the requirements, +recc/deny < #>=<reason> Make the reason polite and informative as possible, and remember to be professional. If a player has submitted 5 reccs in a row with the same reason, this is not acceptable and its alright to let them know they do not meet the requirements. Its always safe to include the reference to +news recc policy, and sometimes provide an alternative.

From time to time, we see someone recc a group of people for attending an event or meeting. This is not what the recc system is for. Perhaps offer a badge for everyone who attended to make them feel good for their contributions, be recognized, and not award the XP bonus. If an agreement cannot be made, politely apologize, let them know that the reccs cannot be approved as submitted, and they will need to reprocess them according to the recc policy.

Unfortunately not everyone approves of their jobs being denied, and may be upset. Remember, be professional, stay calm with the player, and log the chat for the forums later.