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“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”

– Oscar Wilde

“Fear. Fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally.”

– Darth Maul

Mortal World
To the mortals of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills, Nemo is a particularly petite (2'8") 30-something mechanic and tinkerer, new to the area as of January 2016.

Ethnically difficult to pin down as anything other than "continental mutt" in skin tone and appearance, her accent marks her as a blend of Midwest and New England, and her attire... That marks her as an attitudinal glitter-obsessed Imperial fangirl nerd who wants to ride a dinosaur. Star Wars. So much. Forever. Also glitter. Did we mention glitter?

She sheds it everywhere.

The inventor owns and manages the business Glint, doing mechanical repairs, selling clockworks and creating orders on commission as well as offering workshops now and then to introduce hobbyists to the art of engineering.

She also runs the Firefly Fields Retreat, a private, membership-only (read: Changeling only) office retreat and seminar hall out in Hanging Hills. There are walls and guards at the gate, so it means business!

Changeling World
It's not difficult to see that Nemo is more than what she seems.

It's also not difficult to guess that while she spends a lot of time around Autumns, she's indubitably Summer: if a problem can't be solved with cleverness, hitting it will do just fine. In her case, patience is a virtue she only has with non-people.

To date, she has almost been eaten alive by giant maggots, burnt alive by sentient fire, swallowed whole by a bone-spurred tonguetacle-sporting zombie Hollow with extremely unpleasant halitosis, and has helped haul out the poisoned, bleeding Autumn regent to spare him his buddies' fates, all in the name of the Freehold. This is so not what she signed up for. Those who meet her are likely to leave her presence with glittery craft herpes on their clothes, some casually coarse language and possibly a grease smear or two from whatever latest project she is tinkering with in public places. Preferably high ones, with no floor access for horse-sized invertebrates.

For those in the know, the Firefly Fields Retreat (colloquially known as Firefly Fields or FFR, or, lately, The Lodge) is neutral ground for all Changelings and fae-related people. It operates under the laws of Hospitality, which can be read about on the FFR page itself.

In addition, she runs Nemo's in New Redoubt, a hedgespinning and token-selling shop for anyone of a mind to take advantage of her expertise.

The Summer King, Sheldon Bixby, decided (much to her annoyance) that she was totally the best person to manage the former Summer Queen's garage and chop shop, too, because clearly she didn't have enough on her plate yet. If you are a Summer or want to get Summer goodwill, talk to Nemo about working there!

RP Hooks
  • Summer Court! She's not the fightiest, but she's happy to meet those who are. And strategically relocate herself to new positions when the more combative types get frisky.
  • Are you an inventor? Do you need an inventor? Do you want an archnemesis? She does. She would be thrilled with competition, even if she sucked and lost. Challenge makes you stronger, and through strength, she gains victory! See above: nerd.
  • Recreational swordsmanship is a go. Sure, she'll never have a lightsaber, but unlike OTHER nerds, she'll know how to USE one. You know. If Vader ever comes back from the future to take on a glittery disciple.
Words to Live by
Everyone has heroes. Nemo's heroes just happen to be cast as bad guys.

She's not a bad person. Don't get her wrong. She doesn't want world domination, either. She just knows that, in her life, the only times she's felt peace were when she was _doing_ things, and the only way to get out of Arcadia was over the backs of fellow captives in the Eye's machine.

Sorzus Syn said it well:

Sith Code
Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Does she really believe a fictional character will come back from a fictional galaxy to give her fictional powers?

Noooo. She's a flipping fairy. That's "powers" enough.

Still... There's something to be said for having the guts to stand up and kick ass, even if you're on the losing side. Everyone loses some day.


Biku-300px.png Parmu-300px.png

Mnemosyne "Nemo" Zinnia Dane (now Mrs. Elmo Abernathy!)
Date of Birth: 26 January 1966
Apparent Age: 30
Family: Abernathy Family by marriage!
Occupation: Mechanic, Repairperson, Aspiring Sith
Business: Glint (+travel C02)
Firefly Fields Retreat (G01)
Nemo's (HG03 NR E NO)
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath

Keeper The Unblinking Eye
Freehold Sentinel Rock
Court: Summer
Seeming: Wizened
Kiths Inventor/Levinquick/Windwing
Entitlement: Honorable Order of the Third Hour

Imperial March - 10 hours long!!

Vader fangirl squeeeeee!

Peoplish Acquisitions
Abernathy Collection:
  • Elmo - Sith (despite himself)
Home invader, couch appropriator, booze-bringer, hand-eater and still alive despite owning a house which should have killed him years ago. Husband!
Cagey magic dude who can talk in your brain! Who doesn't want one of those in the family? Must learn more.

The Many
She thinks I'm weird! Still... She IS my husband's girlfriend. Plus, she makes good orange juice, and heals like whoa. Even if she does think I'm weird.
The Missing
I'm not sure WHAT he is, other than cool. Also, fun to talk to. Best nephew!
The angst is strong in this one. Super cool creepy whispery voice thing going on, though. Have to figure that one out.
I refuse to believe that someone THAT sweet is Sith material. Witchiness or not.
Don't know him well, but he's the second devil-like Abernathy to go gaga over Star Wars with me. What does this say about the genre?
I won't get between this one and books. Yeesh. I WILL fully support her plan of not entering the Hedge again, however...
Pleeeeease. Bathe!
Don't know this one well, but she said she was a cannibal, so... what kind of family am I marrying into?
  • Isa - Sith Apprentice
Okay, she doesn't seem like she wants to murder me in my sleep anymore, but now I know she can throw knives with her mind. SO. FLIPPING. COOL! <3
T-shirt pilferer. >:( Supposedly you are an Abernathy too. I don't know if I believe it.
Too pretty (and proud) for his own good. He and Cerise seem pretty happy, though, and UNLIKE Elmo, HE actually LIKED playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Pfft. Glowing swords and monks in bathrobes, pah.
Cat sweaters. So many. I supported her habit, and now I feel kinda dirty. She sure knows her books though.
Best. De-exploder. EVER!
She's...something out of this world. I have the pictures on my phone to prove it. Remind me to bring a gas mask to the next party I attend. Also, my peajock thinks she's cool.
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