Nadja Wagner

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Full Name Nadja Wagner
Apparent Age Mid-Twenties
Virtue Prudence
Vice Pride
Occupation Bar Owner/Lawyer
Sphere Werewolf
Auspice Elodoth
Tribe Storm Lords
Deed Name Tips the Scales


Snapshot Observations

Beneath the orderly polished surface of this woman is a fierce force waiting to break out. Nadja has spent the majority of her life exceeding her own expectations and driving forth into excellence. The ying to her twin's yang, she is his cosmic mirror in nearly every possible way. In fact, it might be fairly accurate to say that the two work so well in tandem that they are practically two halves of the same whole. Natives to Fallcoast, some might remember the horrible storm which claimed the lives of their parents, Oskar and Helena, at sea more than fifteen years ago. The only survivors of the tragedy, the children were quickly remanded into the care of Henrietta Wagner, their father's eccentric spinster sister. The years have been quite kind to the Wagner twins despite the occasional speed bumps along the way. It is often said that where Nadja goes, Soren is sure to follow and vice versa. In truth, more than a few people have wondered if they are not really just one and the same.

RP Hooks
  • Bar Owner - Nadja co-owns the Limelight Bar and Grill with her twin, Soren.
  • Wagner - Nadja is a member of the Wagner family and has spent most of her life in Fallcoast.
  • Lawyer - Nadja is a licensed attorney specializing in Real Estate and Property Law.
  • Inheritance - Both Nadja and her twin, Soren, received a sizable inheritance upon their 23rd birthday.

  • Gallery

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  • Soren - My wonder-twin! We came into this world together, and the only way we are leaving this world is together!
  • Denver Wagner - Uncle Den is smart and truly an inspiration for excellence. He is single-handedly responsible for my love of learning.
  • Lars Wagner - Uncle Lars is larger than life: in size, personality, and every sense of the word. If not for him, it is doubtful Soren and I would have ever made it through our teenage years.
  • Henrietta Wagner - Auntie Hen is about as eccentric as they come. She is feisty and stern, but never gave up on us, even during our most difficult times.

  • Logs
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