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Myles T. Abernathy

Myles T. Abernathy

Full Name: Myles T. Abernathy
Birthdate: April 13th
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Man Who Fell to Earth
Family: Abernathy
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Gluttony
Myers-Briggs: [INTP-T]
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Oracle/Inventor
Entitlement: College of Worms
Court: Autumn (****)
Keeper: Daughters of Pleione

Myles is a bumpkin.

Notable Stats

  • Visionary Dreams
  • Investigation (****)
  • Empathy (****)
  • Occult (****)
  • Crafts (***)
  • Strength (*)
  • Streetwise (-2 Penalty)

Token Maker

It is known to local Changeling population that Myles is an established Token Maker, who is willing to design and create all sorts of Wyrd wears. As a scholar of Autumn, it is rumoured that he also possesses the capacity to assess all sorts of magical objects - both Wyrd and of an Earthen sort - to discover their hidden powers.
Price on inquiry.


Log Archive

“The problem is not to find the answer,
it's to face the answer.”

In The Real World

Some people just emit vulnerability; they are too sensitive for this world, and the inevitable bumps from potholes along the road of life leave them bruised and dazed.

Myles T. Abernathy is one of those people, limping through existence with a hazy focus - a fragile collection of mood swings and flights of fancy. There are rumours he used to run a psychotherapy practice in the city a few years back, but he hasn't been active in a long while.

He's one of those Abernathy's, so it's no wonder he's weirder than a punchbowl full of eels. More often then not the guy has shown up unannounced to somewhere that's way outside his element - and yet? He seems pretty comfortable in chaos - which makes sense, seeing as it follows in his wake.

Myles is the type of fellow to argue passionately about esoteric conspiracy theories, stick his nose in where it don’t rightly belong, and get so wrapped up in whatever he’s talking about that he becomes near-on impossible to understand. Who’s to say if the guy is a deep thinker or just a total burnout?

Beneath The Mask

Autumn Courtier and Diviner of Worms, what Augur Abernathy lacks in worldly sensibilities he makes up for with a deepening knowledge and expanding experience with all things Wyrd. Once an active member of Sentinel Rock, he has returned after an extended leave -- wiser perhaps, and definitely weirder.

Prior to his mysterious sabbatical, Myles was involved with the capture and execution of the True Fae Ma Mere L'Oye -- and while he speared and decapitated the old witch alongside fellow Freeholders, he was left scarred - physically, psychically...

It's no secret even before the bloody brush with True Fae, the Augur had nearly lost all his marbles -- but it seems like he's got just enough to survive. At his most coherent, Myles is a notable oneiropomp, seer and Hedgecrafter with an extensive knowledge of magics both Wyrd and worldly, who has travelled to far reaches of both the Hedge and Underworld in search of arcane mysteries and faced unspeakable horrors... yet, ask him to pay a phone bill? He might very well cry.

What's he doing back in town, again?


  • Another Abernathy
    One of the Abernathy clan, Myles is known within the family as being a reliable confidant and mentor -- assuming he's properly medicated. While he's been mysteriously abscent recently, he was present for the last Abernathy Conjunction and is known for feverish interest in upholding family oaths and traditions.
  • Good Omens
    Myles is a gifted oracle blessed with Visionary Dreams and other prophetic aptitudes. Perhaps he’s had a dream meant for you, or can lend a hand interpreting prophetic mysteries.
  • Just a Dream
    Alongside the prophetic prowess, Myles is a oneiropomp of minor note - experienced with helping other Lost with lessening nightmares, providing psychotherapy or healing dreams, sleep teaching and more.
  • Skein Walker
    Myles is a secret practitioner of Oneiroscopy. Dream Pledge? He don't need no stinkin' Dream Pledge. Need somebody to witness a dream, fight off some Shame Riders, or generally skulk through dreams like a total creep? Think Myles. He can and will literally walk into anyone's dream, unannounced.
  • That’s Soo Vintage
    Myles collects vinyl records, dresses like he's deeply committed to mid-century Americana aesthetics, and is perpetually going through dusty old crap in the back of consignment shops. Hipster dweeb, or geeky collector? Hard to tell - but he posts a lot of sales ads for old crap and is always hawking things. Maybe he’s found something special that shouldn’t be his?
  • Trouble Finds A Way
    Myles is spectacularly good at getting himself into sticky situations he has no real business in. Need a patsy, or a witness? Myles is so often that guy; what does it matter what he sees? No one's going to believe him anyway... Right?


Black Keys - These Days

These blood red eyes don't see so good.
But what's worse if they could;
would I change my ways?
Wasted times and broken dreams,
violent colors so obscene...
is all I see these days.

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks - I Scare Myself

I scare myself, and I don't mean lightly
I scare myself, it can get frightening
I scare myself, to think what I could do
I scare myself -- it's some kind of voodoo...

Bright Eyes - Hot Knives

So give me black light (give, give me)
So give me hot knives (deep clean sleep)
On a dance floor, no one tells time (there is no time)
Oh, I've made love, yeah, I've been fucked; so what?
I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up.

Recoil - Want

I want to know how it will end
I want to be sure of what it will cost
I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me...

Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free

I've been set free and I've been bound
To the memories of yesterday's clouds
I've been set free and I've been bound
And now I'm set free
I'm set free
I'm set free to find a new illusion...